What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Black Mirror is warping my mind most week days.


I started watching The Good Place started with the pilot Labor Day afternoon and now I’m halfway through season 2. So glad I found a new show to watch.

Story is a bit different and I was a bit surprised I got hooked on it since it does move a bit slow after the first 4-5 episodes. Also, having a diverse cast that do not fit their normal stereotypes is always two thumbs up!


The Tudors. Just started binge watching. First six episodes really good and especially interesting as it follows history of course with it’s own embellishments.


Cobra Kai FTW!


First two episodes are actually free if anybody’s interested in the continued adventures of Daniel Larusso. And, of course, the real hero of the story, Johnny Lawrence.


I’ll throw this out for y’all.
Anyone watch Taiwan TV shows/dramas on the LINE TV app?


I loved Walter White but hated all other characters, especially Skylar and her sister. They drove me mad, the most unintentionally stupid characters ever.
Also, the crime organizations sucked so much. The criminals were so full of themselves, e.g. that Gus guy acted like he is the kingpin but the whole organization was like 4 or 5 people.

P.S. I’m loving Killing Eve so much.


THE AMERICANS, you guys.

Got me all “WHOA”.

Watch it! One week left till series finale. Oohh boy.


Anyone watching the Japanese version of Sherlock? Inspired by Elementary, now we have Miss Sherlock. Cute twists and cases.


I picked up the Complete Sherlock Holmes on amazon for US$0.99. I read it off and on, a story at a time. I read it obsessively, cover to cover and in about a week, when I was like 10 years old.

Great big delicious hoot, the Holmes stories. Doyle came to hate writing them, but resigned himself to reanimating Holmes in 1901 (Moriarity and the falls in Switzerland had “killed” Holmes) due to public outcry.

I loved Billy Wilder’s take on Holmes, too.


Arrested Development S5 - Who watched it?


Sense 8


They didn’t release it in Taiwan. I’d probably watch it, although I skipped out on Season 4 (also not available in Taiwan). It wasn’t great.


Taboo got some good reviews. I like Stephen Graham, so about to give a watch


It started out great…but the slapped-together premature ending was a huge letdown.


Isn’t this the show that they belatedly decided to make a real finale for? I think there’s a two-hour final episode airing in June.


Good to know. I’ll be watching it, but I won’t have my hopes up too high. Some of the better earlier episodes were really good though.


woaaahh take it easy I am only on episode 2…


Ah, to be young and innocent again…


Dear Fans of Hannibal Lecter,

If you haven’t watched the reimagining series on Netflix yet, then this has to be your next binge. It’s a real deep dive into all of Thomas Harris’ characters with one minor exception (no Clarice arc) and delightful new characters in Drs. Bedelia DuMaurier (reminds me a lot of the poor shrink in Sopranos, but this is waaaay scarier) and Alana Bloom. It begins with a ton of exposition, prior to Graham’s capture of the good Doctor and pits them against each other. Eventually, all your favorite arcs (save one, see spoiler) are retold. The Mason Verger storyline, for instance, is even better (in every respect) than in Red Dragon, the movie as it stays truer to Red Dragon, the book. The Francis Dolarhyde arc also rocks. The most incredible arc though, has to be that of Dr. Chilton. Man oh man.

Some may find it too “chatty” even though the art department doesn’t pull any punches on the crime scenes. But the dialogues are so well written that I often found myself backing up a couple of minutes to make sure I absorbed each delicious bon mot.

The series simultaneously stays true to (two of) the books while also adding so much more. The timeline you are used to from the books and movies is, let’s say, flexible and will screw with you a bit. But once you accept that this is a reimagining, then you’ll be able to settle in for quite the ride.

I haven’t updated my Top Ten series list in some time. Hannibal is defo in there.