What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


As an avid Amy Adams stan I saw ep. 1 of Sharp Objects. It was pretty solid. Gillian Flynn doesn’t invite a lot of confidence (I didn’t love Gone Girl at all), but Jean-Marc Vallée does, so I’m holding high hopes.


Anybody download Tubi TV app and use it?
Whether while in US or under VPN or otherwise?

It’s AVOD, or advertising VOD.
So you get the ads while watching programs, sort of like it being broadcast on TV, I’m guessing.


This looks delicious:


You’ve got very eclectic preferences for tv/film. I dig it.


How long until GOT starts again? :cry:


Too long until GOT starts.

I watched the first episode of that new Sacha Baron Cohen series. Who Is America? Very cringeworthy. I don’t want to say it’s funny… I did sit there in disbelief for a lot of it, if that counts.

He’s created 4 characters that are pretty outrageous. I don’t know if it’s 4 each episode or if he’ll reuse the same 4 in later episodes. But they took what I guess would be stereotypes and really turned them up to 11.

The only thing that actually did make me laugh was when one character introduced himself with: “I’m a cisgender white heterosexual male. For which I apologize.”

It ended with a series of politicians and gun-rights activists helping him to create a pro-gun video for toddlers. At one point he actually says to one of them that his son was involved in the project (“may he rest in peace”).

I’m surprised nobody figured out they were being trolled. I suspect Bernie Sanders had an inkling by the way he was looking at the guy when he proposed this really inane plan to move the 99% into the 1%. Otherwise they just went along with. Like the art gallery owner who gave him her some of her own pubes for a project.

I may keep it up but I don’t know if I can stomach it, to be honest.


Is it on Netflix?


Nah, it’s a Showtime thing. So the only way to see it at the moment is by way of Hulu through a VPN and subscription (or Torrents).


I actually thought the Israeli character was pretty funny, if a little too far over the top. I can only take Cohen’s stuff in small doses though, so I don’t see myself watching every episode.


So it didn’t elevate your level of Pheromone Blink-182 for your guys? Something might have blocked your Cardi B Neural Pathways…:thinking:


Sounds pretty hokey. He’s done it already, and epically IMHO, so not really feeling the need to see it again. Sorry not to see him branching out more, though I guess he tried.


Kind of agree with this. He’s a pretty good actor and very quick witted. This whole thing seems a bit like a re-tread when he could be doing something new. Really, it’s not all that different from Borat.

Then again, I think the gun safety video they did was totally worth it.

But like the good Dr_ above said, best in small doses.


Somewhat, but more Ali G. You watch the HBO show?


Not religiously but I did watch it. I guess the sit-down interviews are Ali G-esque; the dinner he had with that one couple was more like Borat. That and the art gallery bit reminded me of when Borat made a scene when invited to that Southern couple’s house.

Ali G is better. It’s more lighthearted. This “Who is America?” thing seemed a bit mean-spirited at times.


Ok, I still haven’t watched it. Hmm meanspirited doesn’t sound good.


Vulture have a recap which gives you a general idea of what goes on. When I say mean-spirited, I felt mostly sorry for the Jane Page Thompson lady and her husband, though the husband does put a good cap on the conversation.

Also, Christy Cones, the art gallery lady. I think that may have been an act. I choose to believe she was in on it because the alternative is… huh. Why’d she give some random poop artist her pubes?

The gun stuff… I think they’re a bit sincere. I just find it disturbing more than anything.


Apparently, Cohen’s shtick doesn’t always work.


I saw the first episode of On Children (the new Taiwanese Netflix series about parental oppression and whatnot). It could lose some weight (it was really long for a tv episode) but I enjoyed it a good deal.



The second episode had some of the old spark. Just saw a clip with Roy Moore from E3, brutal. Saw some guy on Joe Rogan who said things get crazier, especially the last episode (like the last HBO Ali G episode :slight_smile: )


I started the new Hulu series “Castle Rock” yesterday. It’s not bad but also not what I expected. Because it’s a television series steeped in Stephen King lore, I just thought it’d be about the town of Castle Rock and there’d be all these King stories going on throughout. Pennywise would be in the background terrorizing kids (not technically set in Castle Rock, I know), I thought there’d be a store called Needful Things playing a part, I thought there’d be a rabid dog named Cujo. Stuff like that.

The references are there but not what I thought they’d be. Shawshank Prison plays a big part in the story, and they do vaguely reference a few stories and characters, but majority of the characters themselves are new and most of the events of books seem to be in the past. Which is okay, but I really wouldn’t have minded a full-on Stephen King horror-fest.

Even though it’s not what I expected, I’ll keep watching. It’s pretty good.