What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Sure I did! You’re probably thinking of GoT


I see Jim Carrey has a new Showtime show, Kidding. Reviews not great though


Yeah he’s like a kids TV show actor.


Yah, like Mr Rogers, even has bits where he speaks to Congress to get funds for public TV

Although there is also the parts where this seems to be a huge branding empire/franchise deal

Overall, a good start but not sure where they will/can go with it


Something has happened to Jim Carrey. Maybe it’s just age, but he’s become way more brittle, dark, and cranky than he used to be. Maybe a mid-life thing, maybe he’s just showing the effects of isolation, maybe he’s undergoing some latent effects from what was a pretty grim childhood (financially), not sure. But something has changed.


I wonder how much he’s changed, versus showing different aspects of himself - I remember being surprised by how much of an aberration the rather dark The Cable Guy seemed, but maybe that was a sign of the direction he was heading in.

The New Yorker had a mildly troubling short profile of Carrey and his cartoons. Like much of the world, he’s spending too much time watching cable news these days.


Good point. That could definitely be the case.


Some of that to be seen here, but seems like the old Jim as well


Yeah, he just seems kind of sad and broken. Probably partially due to the whole legal mess that resulted when his ex-girlfriend committed suicide, part TDS and part just life in general. Watched the first episode of Kidding, and it was pretty flat and depressing despite the all-star cast.


“Kidding” got a good review over at Vox. But it’s not exactly a review that makes me interested in watching the show: “watch how well Jim Carrey shows grief!”


Yeah, I’m sure that’s part of it, too.

I saw his Comedians in Cars episode with Seinfeld a while back. He seemed looser than he’s come across publicly lately, but there was still something off with him. I only watched the one episode, and it was weird/bad enough to put me off from watching any more (pouring coffee from the ceiling into a cup was just trying too hard on Carrey’s part). Maybe all the comedians come across as brittle/passively-hostile as Carrey, not sure.

I do wonder, though, if (aside from the TDS) he’s just now showing us a side of him that’s always more or less been there.


New Shameless US episodes are out.


@bojack Season 5 in a few days! Looking forward to it.


Anybody try that new “The Purge” show? It’s based on the same premise as the movies. I’ve only seen the first two movies and thought they were interesting - but I don’t love them. This show, though: I’m in.

The first episode is up on Amazon Prime already (no Chinese subtitles, if that’s important) and it follows a few groups of people as the Purge comes closer. The dread really builds as they go about their business and prepare for the Purge. Depending what they’re doing, you can see a million kinds of ways it will go wrong. It’s creepy.


Just watched online the movie ”the sexmonster 1999”. So funny, is that really true this great comedy never did it to the movie-theatres ?


Castle Rock.


What do you think? It was different to what I expected, but in a good way.


Weird, at moments difficult to follow what’s going on, but now I think I get it a bit.


Why do I even click on something that will frighten the Hell out of me.
At first I was amused. Like living next door to a Taiwanese Family .:wink:


Exactly three series have caused me lately to laugh out loud, one of which was this morning when I saw how Jimmy and our (newly breaking bad) Kim sprung the intense, tightly-wound, sack-of-sandwiches swinging Huell from the clutches of Assistant District Attorney Ericsen.

Don’t care what anybody says, Coushatta is good tv. Unfortunately there are only two episodes left in S4.