What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Ya, Vince G played me well on that. Just was thinking how their relationship had zero spark, when, wham bam on the lam.


He got me, too. Once the VP in her saw the genius in Jimmy’s seemingly odd commitment to burner phones, and how they, too, helped a public defender candidate out in a one-sided brush with law enforcement, the public defender in her came roaring back.

Gonna kill me to watch Jimmy lose Kim.




Better than the last couple of episodes. Good to see more Nacho. Winding up pretty slowly for the two episodes left though.


Slippin’ Jimmy turned Kim into a junkie. Great to see retro Saul and more Mike, as always, but her future is seriously the biggest mystery of the series. Really hope Kim lives through it.

OTOH, I’ve been slowly going through Maniac. It’s pretty good, with beautiful production design and thoughtful visual presentation. For those who followed the show, it comes from former The Leftovers writer Patrick Somerville. Sally Field and Justin Theroux were great. Outside of several bigger and more outrageous roles in his character’s dream, Jonah Hill’s performance is a little patchy, but Emma Stone as the lead steered the series well and did an incredible job. Recommended.


I really want to carve out time for Maniac. I hear nothing but good things.

Since I got the Fox+ app, I’ve just been going through a bit of Ghosted (with Craig Robinson and Adam Scott). It’s funny but pretty low budget. I personally like the corniness a lot. If you know either of the stars, then you probably know what to expect.

Two other shows I watch regularly changed lead actors this season, and it was weird to see them trying to figure that out.

The first was Lethal Weapon. They replaced that guy I’d never heard of with Sean Williams Scott. Probably an upgrade overall. Apparently the other guy was a bit of a dick. I don’t know if the show will suffer or not, but the Riggs/Murtoch relationship in the show was pretty solid despite the fact that the actors hated each other.

The other is 9-1-1. The main 911 operator in the show was played by Connie Britton who just up and decided not to come back. So they’ve got Jennifer Love Hewitt coming in instead. It was really weird seeing them try to cram her into the show. The rescue stuff in the first two episodes was really good but they weren’t subtle at all replacing the original actress.

Still, the replacement actors are good in both cases. Hope the shows bounce back from shaky season openers, is all.

And everybody, if you’re not watching The Good Place, this show is just great. It kind of disappoints me more people aren’t watching it. I guess it’s a bit weird but consistently fun.


That’s why they call it ‘acting’!:wink:


The Walking Dead


I finshed it too. The ending really caught me off guard. I did not see that coming at all, but retrospectively the hints were actually very well done.


Do they always use the same zombies because they’re going through a lot of them.


Just finished the first episode of The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. Released just five days ago on Oct. 12. All episodes directed by Mike Flanagan, who directed another Netflix horror original that I liked, Hush, whose lead actress is married to Flanagan and who also has a role in this series.

Pretty strong first episode that overcame a slow start. Some confusion keeping track of who’s who, but not too bad. Rush of goose bumps at the very end. Nine episodes to go, and so far so good.


Did you watch the latest BoJack season? So f’n good.


Not yet, saving it for after Halloween.


Cops vs Appalachian Hillbillies available on YouTube. Yes it’s a real show, and bizarre.


Best show on TV as far as I’m concerned. I just got through the underwater episode…which should earned a slew of awards.


I’ve just finished American Vandal S1 + S2 on Netflix this past week and a bit. Highly recommended mockumentary.


Don’t get time to watch, but will continue watching these soon…

Comedy: F is for family
Dystopian Sci-Fi: Altered Carbon
Historical fiction: Outlander
Religious-crazy GTA like: Preacher
Sci-Fi + everything else: Sense8
etc. etc.


I’ve been watching King of the Hill again.

What a great show. One of the few that appeals pretty evenly across the American political spectrum, I think.

I like to play a game where I guess the sound bite they’ll pull from the episode to play immediately after the credits.


Finished this a few days ago, and I’m of a torn mind about it. Overall I liked it; I gave it 5 stars. However, to me it’s more of a family psychodrama that uses a haunted house to delve into topics like family loyalty, family betrayal, parental and sibling love, memories about family and especially old wounds that threaten to never heal.

I thought it was less a horror series than a family series. That said, I’ve seen some long-ish reviews on yt that point out tons of ghostly easter eggs. Evidently there are many ghostly images in the background of many scenes, almost all of which I missed. Doesn’t help that night time scenes are shot in fashionable blacks and grays so dark that you may be attempted to fiddle with your brightness controls.

Anyway, I recommend. A bit of a cross among Six Feet Under, The Shining, and The Others, imo. I almost packed it in after the third episode, but the fourth episode redeemed things. It’s told using multiple time shifts and you have to keep track of 7 family members as they appear in the present and twenty years previously, so the first couple episodes are somewhat frustrating. It gets better, though, and by the midpoint there are no issues with clarity.


I finished The Haunting of Hill House the other day and thought it was not good. It played out like an overacted, amateurish stage production. Cringe-inducing a lot of the time. The spooky moments were mostly cheap jump scares, lots of the same thing over and over again. I also really disliked a few of the characters, namely Steven and Olivia. I did appreciate the sneakily placed ghosts in the backdrop of some of the scenes; gave me something to do.

Oh, and the ending! Lord. The ending was the crappy cherry on top of the crappy cake.