What Are You Watching (TV Series, etc.)?


Supposedly Flanagan completely reshot the ending, the original being judged too cruel to keep. I thought the ending was slightly too well wrapped, too.

Shirley’s the one that I disliked the most. My favorite by far was adult Luke, but kid Luke was a bit of a burden, too.


That’s up there with incoherent sound mixes on the “Damn I sound like an old man!” list of complaints I have about TV. It’s like Silicon Valley programmers assuming we all have super fast internet connections: what kind of screens and viewing rooms do the TV show makers think we have?! “Do you want to watch this in anything other than total darkness? Sorry, you can’t. On a computer screen?! Ha, you’re kidding, right?!”


I would have vastly preferred a cruel ending. It would have made so much more sense than the one we got, which was just sooo lame.

I really can’t say I liked any of them. They were too archetypical to be human. You got your controlling eldest sibling, you got the one who lives in denial, you got the wildcard middle sibling, you got the drug addict, and you got the weakest and most broken one who eventually succumbs to suicide. They all felt so cardboard cut-outish.

Of course, I’m asking too much for TV. But it’s irritating to see so many types of legitimate trauma used so flippantly as fodder for television drama.

And it wasn’t even that scary! At least be scary…


Yeah, this was the biggest sin. Too much family drama, too little actual horror.

I thought English actor Oliver Mansour Jackson-Cohen, who played adult Luke, pulled off episode 4’s redemption almost single-handedly. Really excellent work, I thought.


‘The Haunting of Hill House’


Just saw an ad for Homecoming on Prime, looks good. Julia Roberts, Shea Wigham, Bobby Cannavale


Daredevil season 4. Markedly an improvement. Initially I was ready to write it off as the first 3 episodes were painfully slow. But I stuck through one more episode, and that’s when ep4 serves up a remarkable prison fight sequence that for my buck, thoroughly tops the splashy hallway fight way back in season 1. A couple of episodes later in ep.6 it then also delivers another notable and satisfying fight between DD and Bullseye. This Bullseye is no Colin Farrell Bullseye – it’s actually non-comical and quite well drawn. And then the final fight is also pretty nice – that one I will leave as a surprise.

If it doesn’t get cancelled and gets picked up for another season, I’d be way more eager to stream it than out of boredom like I did this time around.

Check it out.


Holy Shit. I just started watching the newest live action The Tick (from saturday morning cartoons). It’s an Amazon Prime original, so you’d prob have to torrent it, but it’s hilarious.


I’m watching the bodyguard on Netflix. I’m still really thrown of with British people calling Arabs Asians. The first scene they were talking about an Asian suspect. And I’m looking for like a east or south Asian. And it ended up being a Arab. So strange


Just enjoy the show.


You can get it here through Amazon Prime. I forget if it has Chinese subtitles or not. If you’ve never signed up before, Prime will be $2.99 each month for the first 6 months. Their selection isn’t great overall though.

Since the new TV season has started we’ve been watching 9-1-1, The Good Doctor, Chicago PD, Chicago Med and Criminal Minds. Started the new show Manifest but have fallen behind. It’s not bad, just not addictive.

Saw a recent mini-series called A Very English Scandal. Fascinating story but I do wonder how much of it is real and how much of it is the screenwriter’s creative license.


It’s a great show. Wow


If you haven’t checked it out, Origins on YouTube is amazing. First two episodes have me hooked. First two episodes are free.


Just got all 10 in HD. Looking good so far.


It’s crazy how Tom Felton looks now compared to seeing him on Harry Potter. My sister did casting for the show and have been telling me about it so I finally watched.

Sadly the rest of the episodes are not available in Malaysia but I’m be flying back to Taiwan Tuesday where they are so I can finish.


They are available anywhere the internet is running, if you know where to look. :wink:


I want to watch it on 4K resolution, it looks amazing.

And I don’t know why but YouTube and Netflix can handle my slow internet in Malaysia. But other video sites even on low resolutions, it will buffer every 2 seconds. And this is the fastest internet they offer :hushed:


Mine are 1080p. Good enough for me. 10gb total file size. Bring your flash drive over to my place when you get back, I’ll hook you up.


Everything is available in Malaysia if you know where to look. Try here for movies, TV, music, etc. old and new.

Holiday Plaza Johor Bahru


But how would I buy a pirated show that’s on YouTube?