What are you watching?

My brother-in-law just gave me the complete Dirty Harry series on DVD. And I just watched the first this afternoon. Eastwood is great! Can’t wait to watch the rest. :slight_smile:

Great photography of a San Francisco that no longer exists.

{I lived there for 10 yrs)

You … I’m watching you … all of you … :raspberry:

Darn, I was going to say that. With my current (Richard Simmons) avatar it would be a little more scary. :smiley:

Well, now it’s a pie talking … :unamused:

The Simpsons Season 6 DVD set.

West Wing Season 4, god help me. I can’t help it. It sucks you in.

The phone.

Twins Peaks marathon for me.

Just finished the Indiana Jones trilogy.

Allz Iz watch is “Lost” on Monday nights.

1st 4 seasons of seinfeld, and 3 of curb your enthusiasm. the things you miss when you come over here…

VITAL. One hellified mindfuck of a film.

Picture, if you will, that you’re a handsome, well to do Japanese med student who has a horrible accident. You end up with a slight case of amnesia and can’t remember that the love of your life died in the accident. Flash forward, and you’re doing an autopsy on a cadavar, and somehow, as you do the autopsy bits and pieces of your forgotten past come back to you until something very, very horrible dawns on you - and forgotten memories and the loss of the love of your life mingle with some seriously f’d up reality laid out in front of you, well… Kinda easy to guess but I won’t spoil it further.

NOT a horror movie, either.

God bless Shinya Tsukamoto.

One of the best series to ever come out of the US

I’m jumping between episodes of 新娘18歲 (Sweet 18) and 春日 (Spring Day). I’m addicted to Korean soap operas. I can’t seem to help myself. It started off as good listening and reading practice (episodes are dubbed in Chinese and have Chinese subtitles), but now I fear my Korean soap habit is way out of control. :blush:

Korean soap operas are the best. I just finished watching Autumn in my Heart.

My sister-in law just bought me Elvis: The '68 comeback special. Great stuff. :slight_smile:

I’m totally hooked on the new remake of Battlestar Galactica. Great show; well written and for the most part well acted. Edward James Olmos is fantastic. I’ve got two first season episodes and the last second season episode to watch before I’m all caught up.

MILTOWN KID and a bunch of other foreigners, including that Russian model and that big bearded baldheaded guy who’s always on TV are all on Channel 31 (Star Chinese) right now.

I can’t understand cuz they’re all speaking Chinese, but . . .

Miltown, you da man. Again. :notworthy:

. . . and the rest of you too.

Who’s the guy playing guitar? He’s great! Wicked that he can sing those Taiwanese songs. :thumbsup:

And the Big Beerded Guy is Ma Ke, or Mark. I hear he’s also en expert in Ballet and tiddlywinks! :smiley: