What are you watching?

The Dancing Outlaw on DVD. This is the second time I’ve seen it. First time I thought it was a “mock-u-mentary” a la Spinal tap, but oh no, It’s real.

movies2.nytimes.com/gst/movies/m … _id=188242

I’ve been working my way through the blue underground “Mondo” collection:

I did a double feature of Mondo Cane and Mondo Cane 2 last night, and have managed to make it through Women of The World this afternoon. Now it’s onto the final pair of flicks in the collection: Africa Addio, and Goodbye Uncle Tom. Whew… :astonished:

Loretta and LittleBuddha were also on the show (and maybe some other forumosans I didn’t recognize). But, good call on the guitar guy – he was picked as “top foreigner” in this round of competition. :unamused:

I was disappointed, though, that the lady never once called on Miltown during the entire time I was watching. She seemed pretty fixated on your guitar guy.

Yea, he’s pretty funny. I don’t even understand most of what he’s saying but it’s obvious he’s a real comedian.

movies2.nytimes.com/gst/movies/m … _id=188242

plotch, that sounds really strange and interesting. Where’d you get the dvd?

Ahem, I was the guy who got Loretta, Miltown, and LittleBuddha on the show… I was the dude sitting beside Miltown. Thankfully my little ‘segment’ got cut…

Oh, sorry I didn’t see you perform. . . or even speak. But you looked good sitting there. Like a decent foreigner. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing Miltown’s piece was cut because he danced in his underwear and they felt it was too risque for TV. :wink:

I got the DVD at Amazon in the states, but you can also buy it direct if you google “Dancing Outlaw”

Prison Break is awesome.


Plotch’s recommendaton, “Dancing Outlaw” is a very interesting movie, and a side of the states we don’t see a lot of in Taiwan. :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished watching the BBC documentary series Human Instinct. Amazingly captivating and educational. Need to watch The Body series again.

Watching Solaris right now. The new version with Clooney and other pretty people. I have never seen Tarkovski’s Solaris but the new one I like.

I’m currently at the library looking out the window at all the interesting people walking by, does that count?

Seven hours of Mitsuhiro Misawa stomping the heads (and various other limbs) of Stan Hansen, Gary Albright, Steve Williams, Kenta Kobaishi, Johnny Ace, Jun Akiyama, Johnny Smith, Vader, and many others, and Minami Toyota getting all airial and the delicious Takako Inoue going ballistic.

God bless Z Channel.

“Lost,” Monday evening at 11 on AXN.

“A Place in France: Indian Summer,” Thursday 10:30 pm on Channel 21, Discovery’s Travel and Lifestyle channel.
A British reality series about an old British dude and an Indian guy who try to set up an Indian restaurant in a village in southern France.
According to their web sites, British tv stations like BBC and Channel 4 have lots of shows like this, about Brits who leave everything behind and start up a business, bed and breakfast, restaurant etc in a different country, usually Mediterranean.

Nothing :frowning: . I’ve brought my remote control to the office until I finish my exams. My TV doesn’t work without it.

No TV in 2 weeks, and, frankly, I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.

The New York Dolls on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, from about 30 years ago.

Last movie I watched was “L’Humanite”. It’s the only movie I can think of about depressive borderline autism apparently made by people with borderline autism. I’d recommend it to anyone tired of the usual four second cut routine.

I watched “Terkel in Trouble” last night. It was pretty damned funny in a terribly non-pc kind of way. It’s Danish, and really gave me an insight to Mr. He’s personality. :wink:

They have four hours of 911 programs on National Geographic. Part 3 and 4 start at 8pm and replay at 4am. It’s a really detailed view of what happened.

There’s a movie about Hawking at 9 on Hallmark channel. There goes going out tonight. I really want to see this. I don’t care how subjective it is (it’s Hallmark after all), I’m watching! Yeah!

I doubt there will be a whole lot of cosmology in that Hawking film. Sounds too depressing to me.