What are Your Favourite Vegetarian Food Items, that are Available in Taiwan?

Please list your favourite veg food dishes (that are available in Taiwan). Also, if you could recommend a specific place that’d be great.

Please add the local name of the dish in your comment (name with which the dish can be ordered). It will be helpful for future people who will see this thread.

Dishes from non-Taiwanese cuisine are welcome too, but please also specify the restaurant where you ate it.

Personally, I’d like to recommend the spring onion veg role (sorry forgot the name) I ate near the tourist center in Sun Moon Lake. It was available from a food stall (not restaurant).



Steamed cabbage. The cabbage in Taiwan is good


Is this what you’re referring to

They can be steamed too. But stir fried is good as well.

Please add the local name of the dish in your comment (name with which the dish can be ordered). It will be helpful for future people who will see this thread.

I just order 高麗菜、A菜、地瓜葉。


You’ll often have to specify that you want a vegetarian version. A restaurant’s normal version of stir-fried cabbage, for example, may have tiny shrimp or whatever else in it.

Are there even that many dishes that are “default” vegetarian, rather than vegetarian versions of common dishes? You’ll get bits of shrimp or pork in many vegetable dishes.



Amalfi restaurant, Beitou.


Awesome. In addition, 大陸妹, 豆皮/乾,茄子,臭豆腐,素食餃子,竹筍,素食火鍋,南瓜,地瓜,等等。In addition, most buffets have great veggie options.

芥蘭才 Jie Lan CAI is one of my favourites that hasn’t been mentioned along with winter cabbage and fermented cabbage 福菜
These dishes have an extra bitterness and bite in the winter .

Of course 蘿蔔糕 radish cake without ham would qualify. That’s a real local.dish.

烤玉米 Roast corn is a popular one

Then there’s all the various tofu and bean curd and dou hua, green beans and red beans.

Many are not vegan some may not even be vegetarian if not careful.

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Since they’re like 1 million vegetarian dishes in Taiwan that would take a lifetime to list, I’m going with vegetarian food that looks like animals.



That reminds me of the time I visited the headquarters for Buddha’s Light Mountain (aka 佛光山, Fo Guang Shan). They had fake meat on the menu. I had the chicken leg. Made of tofu, with a chicken skin textured exterior and even a fake bone inside! That shocked me, since the idea of killing animals for food went against their beliefs, also it didn’t taste like chicken.

There I learned a bit about their beliefs. I shocked the guide when I asked why it was not okay to squash a bug, but they accepted antibiotic drugs and the killing of viruses (and I was not being my usually “poop”-disturbing self, but genuinely interested). I also learned a valuable lesson there. Ask for less rice in your lunch box if you don’t think you will be able to finish it all. I do so to this day, much to the dismay of the aunties who think I don’t eat enough.

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I don’t know if you want sweets, but my favorite is bang mi hang, or sweet puffed rice squares. Extra points if they have peanuts.




I really like wheat gluten with my porridge 麵筋

I think Taiwan is one of the easiest countries to the vegetarian!

The buffet s are nice and cheap but the Buddhist s and their hate for onion and garlic is just odd, so easy to get tired of their flavor.

My all time favourite is lions mane mushroom, houtougu, translates from Chinese as monkey head mushroom. Sanbei style is really good.


I like the big fresh spring roll. A good one can be very tasty. I think it is 潤餅.

The place I like to go has a cold one and a warm version and they add wasabi if you like it spicy. Plus they have the ice-cream one.

I have seen them with meat as well.


Sure, sweets or dry food items are welcome to the list! I recall eating a sesame cake/sweet. No idea what’s it called though. It looked similar to your picture.

i would’ve recommended the radish cake as well but someone beat me to it. i don’t know if it’s really the cake or that garlicy sauce that just makes everything great.

something, i think, that hasn’t been mentioned here is 龍鬚菜. i’ve never seen this outside of taiwan and i quite like it from time to time. makes a great alternative to the regular cabbage or water spinach.

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