What are your plans for next week when the classes are suspended?

If you are a teacher, you probably heard the classes are suspended next week. My school will ask the teachers to teach online. Besides teaching online, do you have any plans? I know it is not safe to go out. But, do you have any ideas about the things you can do at home?

It’s safe to go out.


Oh cool, tell me about your plans. What are you gonna do?

Many schools are requiring teachers to teach online from school and not from home. Some kids will still attend school too…those whose parents absolutely cant take time off of work.

So the whole thing is silly.


Marking assignments, attending meetings, preparing for teaching the following week, research work. It’s a full time job that’s never finished…


I don’t have suspended classes, so I’ll be going to the office like usual.

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My school is closing. So, I can stay at home and use Google meet.

Your school is closing and allowing teachers to teach from the comfort of their own home.

Good on them.

I just dont agree with this semi closure where kids are told to kind of stay home…but can still go to school if parents really press the issue…and teachers told they cant teach from home but must be at school to remote teach. Presumably it is so the kids who are attending at school can be watched over.

So why bother closing at all?

silly teacher…
closures are for kids not for teachers


I remember I had this experience before. That’s why I decided to work autonomously. But, I still tutor part-time and do subs. My life is more balanced now.

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Well, I will tell you something. If the government made the public announcement, “in-person suspended classes from May 23 to May 29.” Then, the schools are not supposed to open. It is breaking the law. The reason some schools still open it is just like you said. They want to please the parents, so they have a place to leave their kids while they go to work.

no…the MOE is allowing schools this option. It isnt breaking the law.

Are you ok with it?

Yes and no.

There are advantages for me, personally, to have a full-time university job. I enjoy the work I do, and the flexibility we get in this context. It’s just, there is always more that can be done. If i had a boss breathing down my neck about my productivity, I would move to a different university…

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If you could make the decision for your school, how would you make it?

It’s the right thing to do to allow parents to leave kids at school as a backup. Any policy which enforces them to keep kids at home is regressive, in the sense it is harder on blue collar workers who don’t have work from home options.

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stay completely open and not do the covid theater


But, the University is a different environment. The students are not underage. Sometimes, they wouldn’t show up in the class.

im not saying its wrong. As a parent, I agree some parents have no other choice.

But as a logical person, the entire closure covid theater is nonsense.

If you are going to close schools to slow the spread, then close businesses too so parents can take care of their kids.


That’s not a very nice thing to say about your spouse!

EDIT: Now corrected. :slightly_smiling_face: