What are your plans for next week when the classes are suspended?

Yes. I don’t need an arc either.

I had a teaching assistant come in first thing in the morning and started eating the kids food before all of the students arrived. I’d already calculated if everyone showed up there would not be enough food for everyone. I gave her hell but the school defended her when she complained about me complaining to her.

My co teacher starts cleaning a nasty hair brush next to my desk during breakfast for the kids. WTF ??? She starts sobbing when I tell her how nasty she is. She complains to the office and they defend her.

Odd ball foreign teachers (besides myself).

Anyhow, I have other income and am not dependent on these people and I’ve made that clear to them.

I do my job and the kids think I’m a riot. The mommies love me.

Seems like these people would let me do my job and not give me any grief.

The staff and admin have no common sense.

The first school I worked, a co-worker didn’t have habits to brush her teeth. She got a flu one day and coughed on my face (She may have started with Covid-19). I stepped back and she yelled at me.

This is the meaning of hell on earth

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Yeah, the worst thing is when I was cordial to those people. The co-workers didn’t think I was helping them enough. But, I had my job duties. I was supposed to listen to the manager. But, some veterans think they are the boss. They think you should obey them even the manager told you not to do it. I wasn’t supposed to wash the bathroom. They complained to the manager. The manager didn’t ask me to do it. But, I did it to stay in peace with them. Then, the co-worker pooped exactly when I finished cleaning the bathroom. She left and asked me to clean it again as I didn’t do it. Jeez… I can’t believe that one day I would meet those people. I am nothing like them. I am not talking about living better than them. But, those people don’t have any class. They may not understand what it is class. But, even a wild animal has more empathy than these people.

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Holy shit, that’s a story

Yes. These people have no common sense and no class at all. Management tels the people to sort out their differences and the locals just keep pushing buttons.

Goes beyond the classroom staff.

My school issued laptop I normally use has a broken camera. They bring me a different computer to use for online classes but don’t provide a power cord. The computer dies during class. Without notifying anyone a woman shows up with a charger and gets the machine going again. The afternoon class is ready to start and I notice the power cord is gone again. Computer quits again during Chinese teacher’s presentation. I go on doing paperwork from my desk. Get yelled at for not running to office to tell them their fcuking computer died again. I’m not even teaching. I’m only there as eye candy !!! Retards. I’ve got the the charger for my retired 13 year old laptop and the charger for my new one.

So ridiculous. Real clown show.

Do they leave their homes without pants? It is the same thing.

Is she the same Chinese teacher doing the presentation and the charger died in the classroom?

Yelling at people seems easier than buying an extra charger.

When we share these horror stories, there are people who think that we only think we are the right ones and other people are wrong. Well, if this is the case. I have the proof that those people didn’t only shit on me. When I signed the contract, they asked me to show up the next day. I didn’t know there was a teacher resigning and I was replacing her. That woman is just a local young Taiwanese recent graduated. She seems very genuine to me. She treated me very nice and she handled me the materials I was going to use in the future. But, those were her 3 last days working there. I saw the group of my ex-coworkers being very mean to her. They were always yelling, shaming and wrongly accusing her for stealing or breaking things. I was in shock. I asked myself "Why did I sign that f… contract ? If I quit, I would have to pay for the penalty even I didn’t start working there. It was written in the contract. So, the teacher quit after three days. The following week, those female co-workers kept bashing on her saying that she didn’t help in anything at work. But, I saw her cleaning my desk and left everything shining before she quit. If someone could do this after many months of verbal abuse, I would say she is very helpful. I don’t remember they said she did anything bad to them. They also asked my opinion expecting I would agree with them. My words were “Look! I don’t know her. I only spoke to her for 3 days. She did nothing to me. But, if people had problems with her at work, all they had to do was tellling the manager. Then, let the manager to deal with her. She already quit. So, let’s move on. I have nothing to do with this.” They got upset because I didn’t stand for them. I may not be perfect. At least, I am glad I don’t act like them. What would you say to them if they asked your opinion about the girl who worked there?

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I’ll double up my exercise with all the extra time at home I get.

I do it every day. It is great.

Yeah! I don’t hold any grudge. Sometimes, it is important to speak up. It is good for our mental to be more open. I think some people who have bad attitude toward others, they are not necessary all the bad people. They may have suffered from many abusive language. But, they hold their anger for a long time. Sometimes, they fear to lose their jobs or they really need to work to survive. So, they would rather displace their anger on someone else. They normally choose the person who doesn’t power on them.

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Yes. You’ve got to fit into their club or else.

Right. If you have a missing power cord replace the power cord. Such idiotic behavior.

They expected me to alert them the battery died?

The boss scolded me because I could have used the school laptop that didn’t have a working camera. So they are upset I wasn’t listening to the Chinese teacher lead the class in Chinese? So the parents want this white dude showing up in the Chinese class only listening in while only displaying the generic icon and name? Really Fcuking Retarded.


I can’t get it what they really wanted from you. Did they ask you to stay in the class while the Chinese teacher was teaching?

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You are not the one they wanted to teach in Chinese. What is the point to watch a presentation that will be useless? It was better you went to do some paperwork than sleeping during the presentation.

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Exactly. I was present in the school. My gear at home is far superior. I didn’t leave the classroom. I simply turned to the other computer and produced the paperwork they demanded.

Love the kids. I’m fine with the curriculum. The kids love me. I get the job done. Hate nearly every adult in the place.

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I am currently teaching High School and adults. But, I never hated teaching kids. The problem is those adults made me to hate the job. I worked with kids for 5 years. I could definitely work longer. I didn’t need that job. But, if I could still work for 5 years. That means I can do it. But, I think some people won’t relax until they cause you a mental breakdown and force you to quit. I tried everything to have a good relationship with my ex-coworkers. There were 1 or 2 co-workers who were not mean to me. But, I don’t understand some people. If they see someone who doesn’t like me walking in a room, they will quickly walk away from me. I am not the type of person who give up because some people try to make me to give up. But, I got disappointed when I see the ones that don’t have problems with me are afraid to be my friends.

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I’m going to hell for this but I hope I magically test positive tomorrow. Online teaching is the worst lol.

What good would testing positive do? Wouldnt your school still require you to teach online from home? A lot of schools, if not all, are doing exactly this. They dont see having Covid as a free pass for a day or two off.

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Mine is one that thinks you have to come in to work and can’t work at home lol. My dreams won’t come true because I’ve literally been cleaning all weekend and haven’t left. :joy:


I really dread going into the school. It’s a super comfortable working environment except for all of the other adults.

I expect less than half of the kids will be there but the same full measure of bullship from the adults will be present.

It’s always nice seeing all of the cute office girls and the non ugly female teaching staff.

Hate the commute.

I like teaching online from home. I have an amazing setup - great audio/video lighting, super computer, great software tools.

I would rather be around all of the kids though. Singing our songs and acting crazy.

Commuting in the rain. So terrible.

Was informed yesterday there will be another week online. Of course with no prep time and morning in classes are cut because their siblings are at home so they are too. God damn I love being poor and having helicopter parents watching my every move lol.