What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

  • Drink shome gooood wine an beer…
  • Kiss a perfect stranger (or several)
  • Romantic candlelit dinner at a quiet restaurant or at home
  • cry myself to sleep
  • Valentine’s Day? Whazzat? (Nothing)
  • Go out and have fun with friends
  • Purrrrrrr…
  • Romantic date AND Purrrrrr…
  • Haven’t thought about it yet
  • Something else

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My nosey self was just wondering what everyone does for Valentine’s day in Taiwan; the last couple of years, the boyfriend and I have actually forgotten or just chosen not to celebrate. Is it a lack of romance in the air or just us?

It’s just you.

Everyone else in Taiwan is getting some.

Unforgiveable. Here’s what you do…

Seduce him in the early evening, then off for a late night pizza and red wine at Cosi, followed by the champagne bar for bubbly, and finally, cocktails at the Watershed.

njnemesis: is the BF Taiwanese or foreigner? Makes a difference.

He’s the sweetest Canadian in the world, and we don’t live in Taipei so a romantic restaurant is out of the question, but this year I WILL NOT forget, and hopefully neither will he. Trouble is, we live in a small town and work until 9pm, so a dinner date is out of the question. Wine sounds rather nice, though… thanks for the suggestions.

Nemesis: cool!

Take a taxi to a local eatery and toast your love!

I put other: I have a tradition that I started in 10th grade of writing anti-Valentine’s Day poetry on 2/14. I have yet to have a good Valentine’s Day in the 13 years since I discovered boys. My favorite poem so far is “No More Pink Cupcakes” that I wrote on V-Day 1997. Maybe I’ll create an anthology of my anti-Valentine’s poems someday.

Oh, and I guess I’ll be teaching that day too. I am thinking of making baked goods for my buxiban students, probably cupcakes…with pink frosting. It’s nice because they’re at that age where they are repulsed by the opposite sex so I don’t have to worry about anyone’s feelings getting hurt on the 14th.
Maybe I’ll take up talking to brick walls seeing as I’d have a greater chance of having an intellectually stimulating conversation with one than I do finding a date here in Taiwan.

Just ignore me…I’m in one of those “moods”.