What are your prejudices?

There is currently a thread going on about ‘CBC’ vs ‘White Faces’ and a pay scale disparity.
In reading it several instances of admitted [personal “prejudices” are mentioned. I think we all have these and are consciously or unconsciously guided by them in our choices and decisions in life.

I’ll admit to these, and more as the thread progresses.

I dislike being around loud people.

I have always preferred Asian (Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese) Chinese medicine practitioners.

I do not trust French automobiles. Same for lower priced Italian cars.

I have never really thought helicopters should be able to fly. Lord knows I have spent untold hours in them; it just never seemed like a good idea. (lack of glide-slope thing)

I have never liked Nike footwear.

I prefer a man as a bartender.

I think a college degree is not something most people should strive to obtain. It will, ultimately, prove a waste of their time and effort.

While I respect their choice and do not dis-agree with most of the health claims, I view vegetarianism as an unnatural choice for a human being.

I do not like passive-aggressive people. While I do prefer motivated persons, I also am suspect of people who act overly aggressive for no obvious reason.

I tend to judge people by how they treat people who can do nothing for them.

I think sweater-vests are ridiculous.

Most people, myself included, should not wear tight-fitting clothing.

Almost all of the shoes I see for sale on Taiwan are stupid looking. Boxy, square-toed affairs made from material discarded by the local laboratory.

Good manners should be learned in ones youth and constantly improved through ones life.

I dislike people who try to impress me. Good thing that rarely happens.

I dislike people who seek to raise themselves by belittling others.

People who proclaim their self an expert rarely are. Like-wise people who accuse others of “not doing their research” usually have not done their own.

I think people who carry those dogs around are stupid and self-absorbed.

I think one has to reach a certain level of perspective before their opinions are worth taking seriously.

I admit that I have prejudices.

…to be continued.

How about yours?

Give yourself a break man, you are just projecting the prejudices of your ancestors and your culture. You can’t help yourself. History is the route cause of all our faults. There is very little free will. Surrender to the void.

I think we can’t do anything except make prejudiced decisions, can we?

I prefer the staff of a Chinese restaurant to be Chinese.
I prefer the staff of a Mexican restaurant to be Mexican.
I prefer the staff of a Czech restaurant to be Czech.
Etc. etc.


Who are you asking?

If it’s me, the reason is simple: authenticity. It’s the same reason why I want to hear Chinese music playing in a Chinese restaurant, not salsa, polka or klezmer. Plus it’s embarrassing to go into a Japanese restaurant and start ordering something in Japanese, only to find the server is Korean…

[quote=“Chris”]Who are you asking?

If it’s me, the reason is simple: authenticity. Plus it’s embarrassing to go into a Japanese restaurant and start ordering something in Japanese, only to find the server is Korean…[/quote]

:laughing: Well, in Chinatown in my town, most people don’t speak Mandarin. All Cantos, Fujianese and Thai. And you won’t get authentic if you aint got someone from the same province with you. :laughing: It’s prolly different in the YooEss.

TC, by ‘prejudices’, do you mean preferences that may seem irrational, or attitudes that others might find offensive? Kabillions of the first ones, the others - well, we all have them, but it’s polite to attempt to keep a lid on it. I can be quite snobbish, and I can be dismissive of slow people. It’s more an attempt to reduce my stress than rancour, though.

I LOVE one of my sister’s cats and don’t really like the other one, or her dog. This makes no sense.

People with blue eyes do not have immortal souls.

I don’t think very highly of people with prejudices.

Good…good…it is said that confession is “good for the soul.”

I have no prejudices, but regard the entire universe with perfect compassion and equinamity. Om shanti shanti and kumbaya.

I have a problem with people who were spoiled as kids… too many local ladies I seem to come into contact with at work are a good example.

Similarly, I have a problem with people who think they have some sort of entitlement because in their mind they went to “a better school”… I remember Mother Theresa saying something about a brain dead colleague who believes he doesn’t have to do much because he went to Tai-Da… This is not exclusive to Taiwan.

Anybody who mocks another person’s choice of partner. What the fuck does it have to do with you, who I share my bed with?

Anybody who dismisses somebody because they are too young or too old. We can learn stuff from both.

People who do not listen.

and for some reason I never get on well with people from Yorkshire.

some dude called Wittgenstein once said “Hell isn’t other people, Hell is yourself”

Actually, the exact quote is, “Hell isn’t other people, Hell is yourself, Dude.”

My friend likes to tell me I’m a bigot because I’m prejudiced against people who are prejudiced. He’s right.

I’m also quite prejudiced against people I perceive as not giving their best effort. I know that’s shit. It’s my own perception and may be wrong. But it comes from watching perfectly able people whine and moan and burden other people when they really could (IMO :blush: ) do a hell of a lot better for themselves, and when I see those who really CAN’T get left behind or over looked in favor of the whiners.

I’m ticked off by peple who get paid for absolutly no reason because they make themselves utterly worthless at their jobs, but I’m not sure that counts as prejudice.

This is turning into a pet peeves thread. I believe that nobody is not prejudiced. (Except for the possible exception of Screaming Jesus.) The important thing is in trying not to be.

Actually, the exact quote is, “Hell isn’t other people, Hell is yourself, Dude.”[/quote]

whoa dude, my bad :doh:

in a bookstore I once came across a pro-prejudice book called “The Value of Prejudices” or something to that effect. It was actually published by a reputable university too.

Is it considered prejudice if it’s true?

So that explains why you like to hang out with dogs so much. You’re prejudiced against all humans! :slight_smile:

I remember there was a thread a while back about somebody saying they didn’t like fat people. I’m not talking about slightly overweight or overweight but an active, dancing, playing person. I’m talking about constantly lying around the house eating types. It is always a real challenge to treat hugely overweight people the same way I would “normal” people but I usually do try. Sometimes you really have to for your job, too. There you go. I’m a terrible person. :smiley:

I’m prejudiced against:

  1. so-called clever, highly educated people doing really stupid/dangerous things and then telling me it’s their culture so I won’t understand. :unamused:

  2. men who don’t know how to operate a motor vehicle. :s

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