What are your thoughts on No Swimming in Taiwan?

Yep happened to me before as well. Later I learned about riptides and how you can usually come back in from a further point down the beach . Worse comes to worst just float out far and try to get attention from rescuers . Fighting against the riptide can wear you out really fast.

That’s not snorkeling, that’s floating on the water with your face in the water wearing a mask and using a snorkel.

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The sea can be dangerous, I was doing a drift dive in the Philippines as I suddenly was caught in a down draft (current), went from 20-25 m to 35 m in no time. They forgot to tell me that if your at that rock, go left, a little further is a wall/drop-off going to 100 m.

Yes, this is the right advice.

I personally can’t tell which beaches are dangerous and which aren’t. I’ve done a 3k open water swim in Yilan and we went pretty far out. I’ve also done an open water swim at Fei Cui Wan and in Miaoli. Way out there all times. But I would never attempt that by myself. An athlete actually died at the Miaoli event, but I think it was inexperience and not riptides, undertows, etc. Big waves that day but nothing really too excessive.

And then I see the waters on the East Coast and I really would like to go in, but all the locals say forget it. I listen to them.

Kurishio current, Taiwan East coast

“The current is strongest from May to August, with a smaller surge in winter. A recent study found that at its peak, it can be up to 50 miles wide, and flow at three or four miles per hour. Its average surface temperature is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit — several degrees warmer than the surrounding ocean. That helps keep southern Japan relatively warm.”


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So looking at the picture again… you are not in the shaft yet, but being dragged towards it, from the side. What do you do?

Keep my cool and think why I went into the water in the first place … float, looking for Flipper to save the day.

But then odds are that you will be shot through the shaft:


Don’t fight it. Go with the flow.

That’s what I don’t want.

Enjoy the ride?

or stay calm and call for help

That’s what she said!

Seriously nothing you can do other than to let it carry you out until the force weakens then swim sideways out of the flow and come back to shore away from the rip

Can’t fight the current

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