What are your thoughts on No Swimming in Taiwan?

Keep my cool and think why I went into the water in the first place … float, looking for Flipper to save the day.

But then odds are that you will be shot through the shaft:


Don’t fight it. Go with the flow.

That’s what I don’t want.

Enjoy the ride?

or stay calm and call for help

That’s what she said!

Seriously nothing you can do other than to let it carry you out until the force weakens then swim sideways out of the flow and come back to shore away from the rip

Can’t fight the current

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I made dis to explain what’s so dodgy about many beaches in South Yilan. The creature at the bottom may not be there 100% of the time, but I’m not going to investigate any further.



Now I have to read what you wrote…

EDIT: so in this case we see the waves going from one to another side of the shaft and then there’s something like a sack where there’s something evil.

Yes. The “cool” thing about the sack (apart from la goblina waiting at the bottom) is that it makes the waves spin in place for a while before actually crushing. That’s the dangerous bit because you just roll and roll and roll, and the water is deceptively deep.

Nature really sucks, wtf

Ps: that was my first time ever using Paint 3D. Holy crap, it’s not bad at all, I could use it for some serious stuff.

It’s like rapids when you do white water rafting, it pulls you under and keeps you spinning, doesn’t let you go.

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I am reading a book about Austronesian origins. It mentions the Kuroshio current.
And it is the main reason why most of the aboriginals come from South West because they drifted on this current (5000 to 3000 BC)

thanks, that makes sense

yes, just swim.

What is the book?

I’ve swam with amerimuts before no big deal.


I only recently found Xiaofei’s channel. He is amazing.


I completely agree, such fear of water is so irrational