What are your thoughts over lu3wei4 滷味?

Healthy? Tasty? Disgusting?

I’ve been eating a lot of it recently, especially the fish balls.
The soup seems fairly healthy as do the fish balls and tofu.

Compliment lu3wei4 with vegi-and-cao1mi3fan4 lunches and it seems I’m eating fairly well.

Dan4bing3 breakfasts are an easy habit to get into but are not really healthy I suppose.


I really like the ones my wife’s parents make, better than the ones I’ve bought, elsewhere. I think they put some extra Chinese medicine in it or something.

My wife loves it, but I just can’t get into it. I just don’t like stuff boiled in soup. One exception though…I really like Olein (spelling?)

There’s one chain that does it 麻辣. Get a whole bunch of veggies and mushrooms boiled up 大辣, a few cans of Taiwan’s finest, and that’s a proper late night snack.

yes the veggies, but i like the birds’ eggs too.

I like to get my luwei 滷味 fill every now and then. I try to stay away from the processed stuff though and dig into the broccoli, mushrooms, green beans and bean sprouts. And the meat (if you call it meat) at these places is strictly off limits.

I like the lu3wei4 doufu and the miniature eggs.

Tastes good, a lot of xiaojies go for it because it’s less greasy than other food (dieting), very salty though.

I love the stuff and eat it several times a week on average.

It doesn’t have to be salty. Try another vender.

It doesn’t have to be salty. Try another vender.[/quote]

You can also tell the vendor not to make it so salty.

Luwei is yucky.

Like Toasty I also eat it several times a week. I love all the tofu and veggies super spicy. A friend told me that has jojoba in it and is very low calorie.

Dragonbones, there is a great one on DongHu rd down near Kangle St.