What attract foreigners to come/live in Taiwan?

I am a new comer for this site. I am originally from Taiwan but I have been living abroad for more than 6 years now. Because I have been a “foreigner” for quite a while, it makes me curious about foreigners’ perspectives about Taiwan.

When I was visiting Taiwan last year, I was surprised by the population of foreigners in Taipei. I personally think it is pretty good thing of course, it makes the life in Taiwan more interesting. While I was living in Germany, I found myself was unwelcome by most of German. That is pretty sad though.

I am pretty interested to know why some people decide to stay in Taiwan for the rest of their life. what makes Taiwan so special comparing with other Asian country like China or Singapore?

Well, I followed my girlfriend (wife) here, other than that my only images of Taiwan were from the made in Taiwan stamps under anything at the $2 shop :wink:

Were you surprised by the large or sparse amount amount of foriegners in Taiwan?

For me, I think asia is one of the most ‘liveable’ places for people in asia. Every place has its good points and bad points, and taiwan is not an exception. The good points do tend to give us a very easy place to live.

What attracts foreigners?

Work as opposed to unemployment back home. Thin women. Chinese culture.

I’ve asked a large number of foreign teachers what they thought were the pros of life in Taiwan. Here are the ones that kept coming up.

friendly, generous people

I will be coming for the experience of living in another culture, where I can be welcomed and still have a job and save some money. From what I know, China does not pay nearly enough for this to happen.

Also, I have heard and experienced from the ones i have met, that the Taiwanese are very friendly.

Taiwanese girls.

I can see quite a lot of pro’s on Almas John’s list. And few big cons

I can see a few big pros in hexuan’s list. And a few big cons too

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I was kind of expecting some more concrete reasons beside Taiwanese girls or women. : )

Something like Taiwanese is very open and friendly to foreigners that make you feel like home, at least I think so.

That’s me. And also to travel and see more of the world.

Taiwanese women were not a motivator for me to move to Taiwan. There are attractive, high quality women in any country. To me, the women here are a side benefit of living in Taiwan. I wasn’t attracted to local lasses for the first year or two I lived her. Later, I learned to enjoy the cultural differences in romantic relationships.

I am here because of the economic opportunity someone with my background can enjoy, and because I truly enjoy the cultural environment. Sure, I can work back home, but I am taxed at an outrageous rate, and living expenses are so very, very high. In Taiwan, I can save money, and do things I really enjoy doing as I make my money. And I get to do it all while speaking a language I really enjoy and interacting with people I find to be very worthwhile.

I think my experience would be very different if I wasn’t interested in local language and culture.

There are plenty of attractive women back home, and since they speak the same language I can actually hold a conversation with one. So I were just out for the women I’d have stayed at home. It’s a myth that Taiwan is a Western guy’s playground - personally I got more attention from women back home than I’ve ever gotten in Taiwan. The women here are much shyer, conservative, and outwardly unemotive compared to the women back home.

I’m here for the cultural experience and money, mostly, not necessarily in that order. Life in America was boring.

[quote=“chialintasi”]I was kind of expecting some more concrete reasons beside Taiwanese girls or women. : )

Something like Taiwanese is very open and friendly to foreigners that make you feel like home, at least I think so.[/quote]

You’re asking for a certain answer?
You are Taiwanese, so you should know Taiwanese people are in general VERY friendly to foreigners, especially those with white faces. Not fair though, for those foreigners who don’t have white faces.

From your perspective as someone who is from Taiwan but has lived oveseas a long time, what do you think attracts foreigners to come and live in Taiwan? How do you think your perspective differs from most Taiwanese people who have never lived overseas?

Never thought about someone would ask me this question? Basically I do not know the answer at all, the only thing I can think of is that most of Taiwanese is friendly and kind. However, I do not think this could be the main reason. I also do not consider the economic factor as a major reason either. It may be a reason to bring you to taiwan but not a reason to make you stay.

For my perspective, I only can explain what attract me to stay in where I live now. I never think I will go back to live in Taiwan. For a while, I even thought it would be a nightmare if I had to live in taiwan for the rest of my life. I think there is nothing wrong about Taiwan, it is probably I am from there, I do not find things happening around me are interesting at all. I met some people from France, Germany and Greece while living in UK. They all wanted to stay in UK after finishing their studies. I asked myself what the hell they want to stay in this bloody country for (Sorry for the English out there, the weather in UK is just far too bad). As I start wondering why they want to stay in UK and why I do not want live in my own country, I realize that it is the attraction of culture difference. So sometimes it probably does not matter where you actually choose to live as long as it adds some excitements and adventures in your life.

However, I do feel tired after living in a place for too long, so I consider the culture difference can only be a short term attraction. Currently I am living in bay area California. I love this place! It has everything I want to have expect everything is damn expensive down here. It is a place I can see myself to live for the rest of my life. So what is it special about California for me then? This is kind of question I know how to answer.

  • The culture diversity, one of major things I want to have in my life. There are people from Taiwan, India, Europe, etc. around this area.
  • Clean air and environment, not so crowded everywhere (opposite from Taiwan).
  • Free and well-constructed public facilities, basketball courts, tennis courts, free Wi-Fi access (opposite from Europe).
  • Great weather allows you to do a lot of outdoor activities

I may be able to understand why foreigners want to stay in Taiwan for a short period of time. However, it is hard to understand why someone stay for 10 or 20 years or even forever.

Oh…well… this may be a bit long and off topic… it is supposed to be a topic of why a foreign wants to live in Taiwan instead of why a Taiwanese does not want to live in Taiwan. : )

You forgot to mention some cons about living in the bay area:

  • Bad traffic
  • Economy is bad now, meaning laid-off and no jobs
  • Places being too crowded on weekends (ie. Valley Fair, Costco, Standford)
  • Diversity?? Not really because the majority of ppl living in the bay area are Mexcian, Asians (Chinese, Japanese, not a lot of European)

What attracts foreigners to live in Taiwan?? The great weather, the money, the ppl, and the FOOD!!!

you have got to be joking

Are we living in the same Taiwan? I’ve traveled all over the world, and I’d have to say that I find Taiwanese food to be the least appetizing of anything I’ve eaten … oily, greasy, and flavorless. That’s not to say that I don’t like Chinese food … I loved the food in Xi’an, Beijing, and elsewhere in China … but Taiwanese food is just … yuck! And while I’m on the topic of food, what in the HELL is up with Taiwanese putting corn, mayonnaise, and rou song (that fluffy dried meat crap) in sushi!!! Sheesh …

Food in China tastes good? You have got to be kidding me. They put far too much salt in their food there. Everything is so damn salty over there in China.

Taiwanese food not tasty? Why don’t you come over here to West Florida and see for yourself what bad food taste like? For one thing, Sushi in America have mayo and other stuff you consider " yuck" More than half the rolls in the menus here have mayo in it.