What books are appropriate for children?

No…10 year olds should not be reading about sexual slavery.

Any good parent censors what their young children read and watch.

Fortunately I’m not doing that, as I just clearly explained.

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Who in their right mind writes a children’s book about sexual slavery?

Thanks…I edited to fix it.

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No worries. Sometimes my petty pedantry has some uses.

What was the book, by the way? The undrowning lotus?

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@Mithrandir yes can you share the book?

I can’t imagine all books are about sexual slavery, or all books over the last 15 years are leftist propaganda

No, that doesn’t have the baddies as Americans, so I’m not sure that TAS would recommend it. I think this conversation probably belongs here: TAS establishes “Anti-Oppression Task Force” - #314 by TT

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The thread doesn’t mention the name of the book. Also the way you describe it sounds more like Yentl and less like leftist transgender propaganda.

Still find it hard to imagine there’s social justice indoctrination hiding in all my kids’ books but I’ll have to go home and take a look. Next thing ya know they’ll try to give the dog a new pronoun. Serenity now!

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Not if you have an Dr. Seuss, those are pure hatred with deceitfully cute imagery.

what do you call someone who is anti-anti-woke, again?

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Yeah, well if you stop making up opinions for other people, you won’t have to imagine that they exist.

Ok but their books have all been written in the last 15 years so not sure what to do. Thank goodness I have the Daily Wire to enlighten and broaden my perspective. I should just turn off everything else.

Thanks JD. Now I know what to avoid and self censor. Didn’t realize Science Friday was really just a stand in for socialist propaganda.

Seriously when did NPR become leftist propaganda? Screw you Ira Flatow.

Hey, I subbed a kindergarten class once and pulled a Suess book off the shelf. It was about the Nizzers invading and the people built a wall to keep them out. I changed as much as I could onna spot then gave up. That dude had issues.

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Maybe it’s not. Maybe the other stuff people are actually complaining aboot is. :idunno:

I used to listen to the morning show up here in Albany. It started with Trump and I imagine the initial driving force was Trump’s desire to stop funding them. The broadcast I listened to was soooo biased I nearly confronted the guy when I heard his voice in a book shop. lol

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It depends on where your kid goes to school. The ahem stuff little kids in my district get read at them is shocking victimization and oppression porn. It’s not as bad as a maze printed over Medgar Ever’s bloated face, but some of it is for sure questionable as a parent of a youngun and a teacher. In the more suburban district where I did my student teaching, they had the guy who wrote Flat Stanley come over and talk. The kids loved him. The city kids got a reminder of what they look like and how bad people will treat them bc of it, cuz justice!

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I read that as a boy. I still have a copy on my shelf as an adult. I thought it was about a kid who had some adventures. Nothing more, nothing less. No?

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You’re old af, maybe it was some other like KNOWN kid’s author.

Republicans have been trying to stop funding for NPR and PBS for a long time. Long before Trump. My opinion is if you were reporting during the Trump presidency you would have to be biased for everything to sound positive since there were so many issues, scandals, lies etc.

I find NPR to be impartial. I listen to a news brief every morning right before I listen to Fox news. The contrast is pretty stark.

Thats a new one. I find looking under every corner for leftist propaganda another form of self victimization.

My children are in the American system and I don’t have the same problem. If they are taught something that I disagree with we talk about it openly. I try to be open and honest about everything in the real world. Sometimes they’re not ready for the full explanation but I do what I can.

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