What books are appropriate for children?

You didn’t enjoy Amazon’s number 1 best selling LGBTQ+ author’s book?

Ha. I was thinking more in terms of Hollywood. Conservatives are pretty well established in the young reader’s market.


Run Hide Fight was a good movie, though they didn’t make it. I’m not interested in horror movies, so I doubt I’ll watch any of the other stuff they make. But you’re right…if the content sucks it doesn’t really matter.

Really? Do you have any recommendations for 10-year olds? Everything the school gives my kids is basically left wing propoganda fit into story format. I’ve basically gone back to reading classics with them and avoiding anything written in the last 15 years.

Hard pass.

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Most of the books seem to be for younger readers…


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In current year, reading the classics has become an “anti-woke crusade.” :sweat_smile:


Or refusing to read anything published in the last 15 years! :rofl: :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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For me, I often read modern books. For my kids, I need to be more careful. One book recommended by the school is about a Chinese woman who transitions into a man after being sold into sexual slavery in the United States. I let the kids read books regardless of when they are written, but I need to vet them first to avoid the trash like I referenced above. Because vetting something like Little House on the Prairie is nearly instantaneous while vetting a newly written, uncritically reviewed book essentially means I need to read the book myself, it takes much longer. So I generally avoid the newer books for them and go towards classics.

If this was a true story would you let them read it? That does sound like something that could happen in the real world and not necessarily forcing children to change their pronouns. But I don’t know haven’t read it. Just curious why you would choose censorship vs. letting them learn about the real world and then discussing it with them openly.

Your choice on how to parent of course. I just find the response to cancel culture/woke to go ahead and cancel all books in the last 15 years, or avoid most media because it’s leftist propaganda, making whatever problem you’re trying to solve worse.

No…10 year olds should not be reading about sexual slavery.

Any good parent censors what their young children read and watch.

Fortunately I’m not doing that, as I just clearly explained.

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Who in their right mind writes a children’s book about sexual slavery?

Thanks…I edited to fix it.

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No worries. Sometimes my petty pedantry has some uses.

What was the book, by the way? The undrowning lotus?

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@Mithrandir yes can you share the book?

I can’t imagine all books are about sexual slavery, or all books over the last 15 years are leftist propaganda

No, that doesn’t have the baddies as Americans, so I’m not sure that TAS would recommend it. I think this conversation probably belongs here: TAS establishes “Anti-Oppression Task Force” - #314 by TT

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The thread doesn’t mention the name of the book. Also the way you describe it sounds more like Yentl and less like leftist transgender propaganda.

Still find it hard to imagine there’s social justice indoctrination hiding in all my kids’ books but I’ll have to go home and take a look. Next thing ya know they’ll try to give the dog a new pronoun. Serenity now!

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Not if you have an Dr. Seuss, those are pure hatred with deceitfully cute imagery.