What Books Are You Reading?

Ordered a couple of books from John Tamny

which is stunning. Says the market had already priced in covid, Fedex and Nike and Tesla were already IN China and would have known how bad the covid was…not that bad…but the huge market drop was instead a response to Bernie Sanders crushing Iowa, Bloomberg the Capitalist getting smashed in the debates…then the market bounced back when Biden did well in the next debate. I spent the afternoon rewatching the Feb 8, 20202 debate. Damn. Some very interesting hindsight. This is why I’m pretty much off politics these days. The market is free and doesn’t lie and resists big government control.
This was for my kid, but I may read it myself after that cashmeoutside chick made a million bucks in an hour flashing her chubs and boney arse.

jeez JD, why don’t you read a book for a change

edit: rhetorical question. i am not an asshat

Well, I got through the second chapter and started to realize that the book about puzzles is deliberately puzzling. It is a very clever book, to be sure, but I’m not finding it interesting or enjoyable to read. And I am not a masochist. Fortunately, I am still tricking out my office and I needed a riser for my monitor anyways, so in the end still glad I brought it!

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I just finished Brave New World…I had never read it before and thought it was pretty meh as a story.

I started up Ernest Cline’s Armada as I liked Ready Player One. Waiting for it not to be a series of nostalgic references (which I do enjoy) and actually start being an interesting story.

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Agreed. I think it is way overrated, read it once back in high school and never thought of returning to it. ‘Island’ is the only other thing of his I read, which I remember enjoying more but my copy is long gone

LOL. I have a complimentary copy of the biography of Tatung’s founder, Ting Sheng Lin, boosting my monitor a couple of inches above the desk.


Is this one of those things where there’s a really good book and then a dreck movie based on it that butchers it badly and makes you never think of reading it?

I love classic video games and Rush, so I’m probably the wrong person to ask about the book. I agree that the movie wasn’t good.

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I read that along with F451 the last time I read them. I saw the social and political conditioning aspect of it. You fit in or you get squeezed out, but despite the dismal and threatening outlook, you end up on the island of misfit people, which sounds like more fun anyway. :idunno:

I read F451 in 9th grade and again last year…I enjoyed it much more as a story than Brave New World. I’m unsure whether I’ll try the companion piece “The Island”, but at least TT says it’s better.

I never knew there was a follow up. :oops:

I think it’s called just “Island”- no ‘the’. It’s more of a utopia, so it is actually pretty boring.

That’s what I thought of BNW. They had this plan for you. You either fit in or didn’t. If you didn’t they sent you to Bermuda to live amongst people who were, well, kind of weakminded, mentally exhausted “freethinkers?”

Agreed. As brilliant as it is for its social insight, I didn’t think it was a particularly great story. I much preferred Nineteen Eighty-Four, which I think was actually less brilliant for its social insight.


Well, in that one, we, the audience got there after the fact.

But oh man, did we get there

I think Animal Farm really hit the nail on the head

I think that they all were interesting for their social insight, but I’d go with F451 with being the best with respect to western (non-socialist) social insight. Cancel Culture Victims - #1668 by Mithrandir

Animal Farm was more of a description of what had already occurred, so obviously it nailed that one.


I recently downloaded Animal Farm ebook to read again since years ago.

Then watched a 20 minute YouTube summary video… big mistake.

Don’t want to read the book again right now.

The book is only like 90 pages…it is a quick read. What did the YouTube video say which made you not want to reread it?

I read Go Set a Watchman last year and it destroyed my view of Atticus, a personal hero of mine since the 7th grade, so I immediately reread To Kill a Mockingbird to get the “correct” Atticus back into my memory.

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