What Books Are You Reading?

I’ve seen “him” thrice in the past two years.

Blimey, I read John Locke when I studied political philosophy for my major. Interesting to see someone is still reading his works.


Picked this up for a buck. Quick and disturbing urban read, a la Ryu Murakami. Korean girl, crazy mama, shitbird dad…homeless, drugs, sex, rehab. Just a real hard desolate block of the underbelly.

Some good lines;

How can you not love someone who lets you see them in all that pain?

the fight had taken the bones out of her.

Don’t you ever get a tattoo. All it says is that you ain’t open to change.

I struck a match and dropped it in his ear.

he had no idea that grief was a reward.



Jumped right into this one.


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This looks good.