What Books Are You Reading?

Flashman, book 1: Great

Royal Flash, book 2: Not great, fast forwarded through.

Flashman’s Lady, book 3: Starting now, about Asia.


Seow is a Singaporean bible scholar.

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So you’re reading a grammar book?

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Yes, for review.

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Visions of Taiwan # 1

Free Taiwan related comic series available on Amazon.


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People don’t write enough notes in library books.

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New Bret Easton Ellis novel coming out. Looks good

Starting this today:


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Looks good!

BTW, I walked into my colleague’s after school International Cub the other day and met an Iroquois girl, like 100%. She’s learning Navajo, which I thought was interesting. Hopefully the book will shed some light on how modern NAs have been consolidated in some places, like academia, and isolated in others.

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She from near you?

High school kid. She was in a long green traditional dress. I thought she was a tall Bangladeshi!

Something like this:

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Hmm what to do on a snow day.


Savage. I have a beautiful Craftsman snowblower. I take it down the road and clear the end of my neighbors’ driveways. Then they give me Nepalese curry chicken.


A little light reading I see :slight_smile:

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Raymond Carver

I read his most popular story Cathedral and tried to read five or so of his other short stories.

Not feeling it at all. Not overly interesting stories and the writing is quite simple.

But he’s supposed to be a great American short story writer.