What books to bring?

I’m currently packing away my library. I am wondering if it would be useful to bring any of my old college textbooks, including organic chemistry, various sorts of mathematics, biology, history, “English Lit Relit”, and so on?

I already know I can skip the baking cookbooks. :frowning:



I can’t think of many situations where they’d be useful. Do you have a job already?


Should you really feel a need for them, English-language math and science textbooks are readily available in Taipei in Guanghua Market because of all the Taiwanese returning from study in the United States. The same is true for basic English lit books. But advanced topics outside the hard sciences are relatively hard to come by.

Well, I guess that lightens the load; thanks, gents. No job lined up yet. I am taking a screaming leap into the unknown. :slight_smile: