What can be done to help our SEA friends currently suffering

Further movement on permanent residency rules for migrant workers:

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Does the government know about their bilingualism plan, or what?

This to me remains the biggest stumbling block, the government needs to be bilingual first, then drag the rest of the country along when they’re ready. And a bilingual government is possible by 2030, even if a nation is not


Maybe they want to recruit more Filipino English teachers?

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And they want English teachers in schools to start using English to teach it… so the Filipino English teachers need to take a Chinese test?

A year later…Control Yuan issues so-called “corrective measures” against Miaoli County for it’s “serious human rights violations” also corrective measures issued MOL for lack of communication and information for migrant workers.

And as to not forget, the one who pushed this policy was Hsu Yao-chang (徐耀昌).

Hsu also ordered Miaoli County police and labor agencies to enhance street patrols to check apparent foreigners seen outside and fine them if they were found to be in breach of the rules of the lockdown, which ended on June 28 last year.

Wang Yu-ling said they began the investigation in August last year.

“The lockdown order by the Miaoli County Government was without legal basis,” she said. “It had no authority to impose such a ban against foreign workers.”


Two “corrective measures.” What were they?


That’s a good question…

It’s not just Miaoli County govt. either, some companies outside of Miaoli also implemented similar policies as well.


Someone was probably fined NT$2000 and told to find a less-obvious way of keeping the serfs under control.

Still, it’s good that there is some semblance of Law still working. The ruling seems quite unequivocal.


Well. I guess some wrists suffer a gentle slapping.

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not just ‘some’ but huge numbers of factories and caregiver employers all over Taiwan locked their foreign employees down using coercive behaviour and illegal fines.


Its the elephant in the room. Don’t rock the boat :laughing:

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