What can I do here besides teaching?

I’m an American born Chinese and I graduated from a law degree in 2010. I’ve came to Taiwan trying to seeking out my Chinese roots and to look for job opportunities. However I I don’t know what I can do besides teaching. Firstly, Taiwan’s legal system is completely different, so my law degree means nothing here. Secondly I do not hold a Taiwanese ID (I’m techically American), I face difficulty working here legally. If I’m not mistaken the law requires a foreinger to have at least 2 years of working experiece for employment. I can teach English and I’ve the idea of getting a TEFL certificate, but after futher consideration, teaching is not what I want for a long term career. I’ve discussed with friends and relatives and they also believed that I should not waste my time on something that is not my future career as I’m alreadly in my mid 20s. I’m hoping to work for a commercial sector such as finance or marketing here in Taiwan, but I don’t know about the chances for someone like me to find work.

I hope could give me some advice can be given as I feel quite lost about my present/future career.

My suggestion would be to consider going to China. I believe that with your law degree you may find a job as a legal researcher, assistant, or helping a Chinese company write contracts.

There are definitely legal jobs in China. You can get started by checking thebeijinger.com/classifieds.

And I believe there are legal assistant jobs that would be perfect for someone like you.

Here is one such opportunity.
thebeijinger.com/classifieds … nd-Shangha

heard there is a dancing job recently vacated. but you will need to supply your own towel.

Or work for a law firm in the US and then apply for a legal job in China later. Also I would recommend brushing up on your legal Chinese. Maybe you can hire someone who studied law in China to teach you he basics of he Chinese legal system and terms.


Employer Name: IlaowaiGroup
About us

Ilaowai.net is the leading company offering a complete range of services for expatriates and foreign companies in China. We pride ourselves as a group offering efficient and high quality services, including but not limited, to the domain of:
Visa related application and consultation services,
Incorporation of corporate identity application and consultation services,
Accounts and Taxation related reports, management and consultation services.
In accordance to our expansion plans, we are currently recruiting dynamic and high caliber personals to join us for an exciting and rewarding career.

Work Location:

Job Description:
Job Description
Preparation of legal contracts and documents.
Provision of legal consul for management and for clients.


  • Bachelor degree or Diploma in law.
  • Excellent command of spoken and written English (Minimum CET 6 or above)and Chinese , good legal -
    research and drafting skills required.
  • Familiar with “Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Real Right Law of the People’s
    Republic of China”,” Labour Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “Company Law of the
    People’s Republic of China”
  • Ability to learn
  • Proficiency in Microsoft applications and Chinese & English Word Processing
  • Communicating and negotiating skills.
  • Fresh graduated is preferable.

Application information

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements need NOT apply.
Applications MUST include details stating:
i) Details of all previous employments (Name of Company, Position, Employment duration, Job scope and reason for leaving).
ii) Current and Expected remuneration package.
All nationalities are welcomed. *Applicants to ensure that they are eligible to be employed in China.
Applicants to apply by submitting detailed resume and contact information to us through the site.
Applicants who do not receive our reply within 14 days from date of submission may render application unsuccessful.