What can I reasonably expect in Taipei?

I am an American, male ESL teacher with 7 years experience (none in the ROC or PRC).

I have a Bachelors degree, a CELTA and I’ll be finishing my DELTA in a few months.

I would like to work in Taipei, but I’m not sure if my qualifications and experience would be worth much in Taiwan.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

If your BA is in Education, you might want to look at some of the Elementary Schools that are advertising at the moment. With that kind of experience though, you could generally expect 650, unless you get lucky. It’s hard getting anything more than that at any school with experience as most would prefer to pay a young energetic FOB 600.

As I’m making more than that now in SE Asia, I think I’ll stay put.

Is a DELTA sufficent for a D.O.S. position in Taiwan, or do employers prefer a Masters?