What can you get in Taiwan that you cant get in Hong Kong?

I have recently had a number of visitors passing through Taiwan & a question I always find hard to answer (as they often pass through Hong King first) is “What can I get here that I cant get in HK ?” I asked a friend & thier reply was “Dengue Fever”. I’m looking for some more constructive responses.

Zhenzhu Naicha

Run over by a scooter as you drink your Zhenzhu Naicha :laughing:

a job

  • Bin Lang
  • A ‘Huanying Guanlin’ as you enter a store. You only get a ‘Mgoi sai, bai bai’ as you leave.
  • Cheap cigarettes
  • Cheap petrol/gasoline
  • Cheaper CDs
  • A cheap place to live
  • Big trees
  • Less chance of being ripped-off
  • More chance of being killed
  • Courtesy & a smile (generally)
  • Ten Ren tea
  • Semi-decent Chinese newspapers
  • Ease of finding cheap, healthy food

But seriously, there’s not much. Without being facetious, I honestly think there’s far more to be said about Hong Kong over Taiwan. Not sure about the rest.

And Iris, there’s plenty of TzunJu LaiCha in HK. :smiley:


Armed cops in bulletproof vests pouring into the nightclubs demanding to see everyone’s identification.

haha Mark good one. Hell yeah, you get a freakin democracy here. We vote for our leaders and choose how we want to live. HK got messed up by the commies.

Another thing Taiwan has that HK doesn’t is probably more traditional and culturally oriented people. For example, education in Chinese language, literature, and arts.

Also, this is from what I heard so don’t yell at me, Taiwanese people are a lot more friendly and way less materialistic.

oh yeah and more space and better living environments, ie you can get bigger and better apartments for cheaper…

oh yeah and also you get a lot of sight seeing and nature stuff (taroko) which you can definitely not get in HK

A place to sit down outside…for free even.

oh got another one

Although traffic aint that good it aint that bad. You can definitely drive here if you want to, whereas it’s impossible to drive in HK.

A language worth learning?

Driving in HK is impossible?

I have driven in HK and, in comparison to Taipei city, the traffic is no worse. In some ways it’s better since people follow the traffic rules there.

Aceman, have you ever been to HK?

You just said:

And then you asserted:

How is it that you have experienced the traffic in Hong Kong, and not the people? :?

Some interesting suggestions so far, thanks . Clearly there are some quality of life advantages to living here + a greater variety of ways of being killed on the roads.
What about for someone who is visiting for a week or 2 & wants to buy something that would be unique to Taiwan (or much better value here) ?

Daily Mandarin practise with the locals if you want it.

Sorry for this OT question: does Chung King Mansions still exist?


You’re likely to get killed in HK when you queue for Hello Kitty products at McDonalds.


Chung King Mansions is still proudly there as its slightly more salubrious cousin, Mirador.

Back to the topic, HK is the land of the small penis, so portion sizes are better here.

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