What constitutes "sufficient funds"?

i’m trying to apply for a visitor’s visa to come stay in taiwan for a few months, i plan to visit friends and study online through a canadian university while i’m there. i’ll be supported financially by my family, but kind of on an ‘as needed’ basis, so i’m wondering how much they want to see just to let me in. i lived in taiwan for quite a few years, but had an arc the whole time, so the last time i applied for a visitor’s visa was over five years ago at least… at that time 2000USD or eqivalent was sufficient. is that still the case? the teco employee i asked here in vancouver ever so helpfully informed me that “there is no mimimum deposit required for applicant’s account balance,
it is up to the visa officer” but something tells me that if i have fifty bucks in my account they won’t be handing me a visa… :slight_smile: any insight?

Last time I did it (maybe three years ago), I eventually got a hard number out of the girl at the London TECO – she said they wanted to see about twenty quid (~1000NT) per day I was gonna be here. So for a sixty-day visitor visa, about a thousand pounds.

A bank statement in your name with $60 000 NT equivalent balance should be fine.