What costs go with importing products to resell into Taiwan?

Hey everyone, a friend of mine mentioned that he’s planned out a way to supply a good need of product to a decent majority of the population, but doesn’t know any of the costs associated with importing product into Taiwan and wanted me to try and figure out what it would take. We would be shipping in aerosol-type cans in large quantities, probably by the hundreds, being shipped in crates and whatnot. I’m not sure of what kind of costs would go along with it, like import tax, any kind of other taxes for reselling product, problems with customs, problems with who and where it would be addressed for shipping and pickup, etc etc.

I was wondering if anyone on here has dealt with a situation like this, or runs a business where you have to bring product into the area from overseas. If it is going to be used for resale, would you need to have a business license with the shipping directed to the business, or it directed to a specific port for pickup?

Any help would definitely be appreciated.