What countries does Taiwan have extradition treaties with?


What countries does Taiwan have extradition treaties with? Cant find a complete list online.


After your question yesterday about leaving the country via some sea vessel I’m starting to wonder.

Taiwan doesn’t have an extradition treaty with a lot of countries, but Taiwan will just “deport” you somewhere else if “they” are coming after you.

Taiwan has no treaty with Canada but if I decide to hide out here after doing some baaaadd shit in Canada, they will just cancel my ARC or say I’m here illegally and back I go.

Here’s an example
Taiwan has no treaty with the states but…
If THEY want you bad enough they will get you.



I’m more interested in what countries will send people back to Taiwan for prosecution, as I’m wondering whether it is worth going to the police about something that happened recently involving someone who has now left Taiwan.


UK I guess since the UK almost sent that drink driver back.


Man I’m glad they managed to get that guy out of here. I’ve been wondering about all that.


Are they a Taiwanese national?
Do they have more than one citizenship?


British citizen


I would.
All Brit bongs need to lay for their crimes.

Did he commit a real doozy?


That 3D gunmaker getting nabbed was some deep state nonsense


Would probably get about a year in prison, and there’s tons of evidence so a prosecution would be almost guaranteed, if it ever got to court.


Do what’s right report his ass at least so he doesn’t come back and do it again


Remember that guy that killed and chopped up his girlfriend somewhere near Beitou? He confessed and all and still couldn’t be sent back to Taiwan for prosecution.

He was from HKG and flew there right after committing the crime here



Yeah hk is weird like this, they don’t hand people over. There are a lot of tycoons and real estate developers in hk who have been convicted of bribery and other shady deals in China and Macau, but even within China they are free as long as they stay in hk


Last about I heard about this guy in HKG he was being prosecuted for money laundering (:unamused:) because he brought some NTD over there stolen from his dead girlfriend. If it wasn’t for that he would be clear as a sunny sky. Ridiculous!


I am aware of a British citizen who fled a child-molesting charge and was found teaching English at a university here. For some reason he could not be deported, so British representatives kept visiting his various workplaces to get him fired–the idea being that if he ran out of money, he would have to go back. (The scheme worked.)