What date in August does the tax office deposit refunds?

When I recently went to the tax office they told me they did not know what day in August the direct deposit refund would be in my account.

When I phoned today apparently they still did not know.

I would not expect anyone here to have this information if the tax office did not, but any idea (judging from previous years) around what time in August it is likely to be deposited?


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I was told that the tax refund should be on my account by 2.08. If it is not, I should call them.

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Depends on when you completed declaration.
Iiuc, by May 15, Aug 2, by June 30, Sep 11.

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Not really. I submitted my tax return on 15/06 and received my tax refund today.

Who else didn’t submit cos of the rona?

Submitted on the last possible day! Stayed clear because of the bug and was prepared to file late if there had been a crowd at the office - but only a handful of people were filing that morning.

And taxes in Taiwan remain a miracle. Maybe thirty minutes to fill them out the previous night; ten minutes for the wonderful person in the tax office to do the always-required small fixes.

I’ll go in tomorrow and claim the rona scared me away. I’m sure many others are in the same boat.

I don’t remember the exact penalty now, but I briefly looked into it back in June and realized it’d be minor - but perhaps it goes up the longer you delay? I know I was very prepared to wait a few days or a couple of weeks past the deadline.

I’ve never been penalized before. Usually late.

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Should all refunds have been issued by now ?

Another tax question - does the tax office actively send out income tax receipts/certificates, or do you have to go there and ask for one?

I filed online at the end of June, paid a couple of days later, and took in a load of supporting documents for overseas income in early July. The lady told me that she’d probably check them in August and contact me in case of any questions (she didn’t). So should I have received a certificate or some kind of notification by now? (Alternatively, can I stop worrying that I’m going to be audited and charged more? :sweat_smile:)

I do remember there being an option in the online filing software to have a certificate mailed out for a fee, but I figured I’d be able to collect it at the office when I went there with the documents - didn’t realize they’d take a while to process.

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