What day is it today?


I know it’s Saturday, but I woke up and my wife has gone to work, and there’s kids at school next door.

I feel a little disoriented.

Is today a make-up day for last Monday, or is it a make-up day for another day coming up?


Make-up for Monday. Such a weird system. Everyone puts a positive spin on having a four day weekend, but glosses over the subsequent one-day weekend.


make up day for last Monday’s “holiday”


Yup it’s an odd Saturday, with pretty intense traffic this morning.

As other have noted, today’s a make-up (as opposed to “made-up”) work day for the extra holiday granted on May 29.




That works out pretty well for me because I usually tutor Saturday afternoon, but have Mondays off. :slight_smile:


Yeah, make-up Saturday in biblical flood-like conditions. My students were thrilled.


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. And it’s been raining all day…


Pay day