What decade was the best musical decade in the last 60 years

What decade was the best musical decade in the last 60 years?

  • 1950-1959
  • 1960-1969
  • 1970-1979
  • 1980-1989
  • 1990-1999
  • 2000-2010

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What decade was the best musical decade in the last 60 years?

Time to roll out the nostalgia! The 1980s were great, but arguably the music of the 60s and 70s surpass the 80s in musical substance, creativity, soul and rhythm, and singing talent.

The 1990s were not bad, but the 2000s are the worst.

I say best to worst it goes like this:
50s tied with 80s

Most people will vote for the one that fits with the year they graduated from high school.

hard to say really as there are gems from the 60s, 70s, 80s , 90s. It wasnt all good nor all crap.

If I had to listen to Sirius radio all day (which has this split channel 4 for 40s, 5 for 50s, up to 90s) I would pick 80s.

The best is either the 60’s or 70’s, because that’s where the biggest transitions and experimentations in mainstream music occurred, following the culture I guess. So much is so shockingly different from what came before (as in the 90’s and 00’s) and at the same time both palatable to the mainstream (unlike the shocking crap from the 90’s and 00’s) and enduring.

But my favorite is probably not “the best” by that definition, I side with tommy525 - if I had to listen to only one decade’s-worth, I’d probably choose the 80’s, nothing beats Come On Eileen, Relax (especially with a dancing Mugatu), and Faith! And McCoy is right, I graduated HS in the 80’s.

This may be cheating but i’ll take 66-75

None of those decades have total shit, of course. They all have stuff that will rock your fucking socks off. As do the decades preceding. Its all about discrimination.

It’s a musical era I keep drifting back to. I’m going to cheat and take the twenties and thirties, which aren’t on your list.

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1990s easily (and no McCoy, I graduated Highschool in '88).

1960s is easily the most over-rated of the decades.

I’d say:

1980s/2000s tie

Late 70’s and early 80’s. Punk and post-punk. :thumbsup:

what if I said '85 to '95?

Rock made a huge comeback with PJ, Nirvana, Soundgarden etc…
Bands like Metallica, GnR, REM, RHCP, U2, The Smiths etc… did their best work.
Hippy music was on top form with Jerry off the needle and Phish putting out some of their best albums.
Techno was starting to form into a proper genre.
Hip Hop was at its absolute best.
The UK had all that ‘Madchester’ shit goin on, then Oasis, The Verve etc…
We saw the rebirth of the massive music festivals (Lolapalooza etc…)

YOu decade benders you !! But yeah why the strict line demarcations anyway.

The poll doesn’t want to let me vote, but for me it was definitely the 80s. I graduated high school in 92, but I never got over New Wave and bands like Bauhaus and Neubauten.

Absolutely true for rock music, very solid for jazz, and loads of great classical stuff going on as well.