What determines whether a reply is collapsed or expanded

I’m not sure @tando

Now you can see that on Rick’s post

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But not on mine, though I am replying to myself, not sure. I actually never noticed this feature before, pretty cool.

maybe it will appear with this second reply to the post.

I guess not.

@tempogain do yo uneed to “@” people to have it appear?

@SuperS54 that seems to work

@tempogain but not it you “@” yourself

No, I don’t think so. You should have “2 replies” after I post this. But you don’t. Back to square one lol

What if I reply to you again–there it is. Maybe you need at least 2 replies?

@tempogain I think you need to specifically “@” me

Don’t think so, no tags but 3 replies now

ah, needed to manually refresh the page in order to see them, on PC.

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I can see “1 reply” on my post now as well. Not some others though, so not sure why.