What did I see?

I took the 9am flight out of CKS airport to Bali this past Sunday, which was a crystal clear day. The plane was pointed north, and right after take off looking to the west I could see mountains in the far distance, and looking to my right, out the window to the east, I could see Taiwan’s mountains. Was I seeing both China’s and Taiwan’s mountains at the same time? Didn’t know that was possible from CKS. Or am I mistaken?

There is no Taiwan.
Just 1 China.
United and Strong.

If you did indeed see China’s mountains the view must have been exceptional (around 180-200km), quite possible considering the current weather I would think.

Right after take-off? I supposed you could have gained enough altitude to see China’s mountains, though they could have been clouds on the distance.

I could even see clouds in the mountains out there, in “China.” Unless it was some bizarre mirage. I consider myself something of a geography nut, and I was really baffled and perplexed. And yes, it was this awesome “ultramarine” sky current weather.