What did you get out of being in Taiwan?


Number 1 is number 2

In USA I climb up on the porcelain and ……

If Elvis had known he would still be with us

2 how to work.
Chinese work ethic is a super power.

How about what did you go there to get ?
And did you get that ?

And what else did you get ?

I went to Taiwan for a job and to learn Chinese.

On day 5 after arriving in Taiwan a beautiful girl walked into a Dante where I was sitting and I made a plan to talk to her. The Dante is a shoe store now.

But while it was still a Dante I returned with that beautiful girl and further put a chubby little 3 month old girl

on the counter.

I told the barista my story and he had a tear.

After 1 month under Chinese Hitler boss I quiT.

I then studied at Pioneer TLI Shida and won many speech competitions but knew I must return to US. I study Chinese every day but living in USA it’s like pouring water in a bucket with a hole in the bottom. I have a good job, and I’m financially good.

I did not become part of the China dream. At least not yet :rofl:

My mother thought me going to Taiwan made no sense. When my mom was blown away by my charming wife, my mom said I went to Taiwan to meet the girl who’d become my wife

Back to work



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Not really living up to your nick here.

So why do you need a hot Ukrainian refugee wife?

After I asked the beautiful girl I met in the coffee shop to marry me, she had a heart attack — 3 months before we got married.

Another in a church in Taipei.

She’d ironically gone into pray about the first heart attack,

While she lay on her back in the church pew I told her “I love you no matter what” and “I will take you to America and get you good doctors”.

I did.

At this point,

Some readers might say I should stop asking girls to marry me.

Other readers might say the solution is to not go back to that church …. and I should join their (dues paying) congregation

My wife has an inherited condition. The heart specialist has done everything they can. Daughter doesn’t have the condition. I wanted another baby but my wife was not enthusiastic about expecting lightning to strike twice. My wife has an internal defibrillator.

Whether I want to or not I will need to look for a wife again

Are you drunk?



Beyond sad @loser may God save your wife and help her

And you

Maybe not a wife


I went to Taiwan on a sabbatical from work because at the time I felt like I couldn’t do anything else and felt a bit trapped. The day i booked it I couldn’t really sleep properly for weeks and I turned up to work at 5am, looked on airbnb as i had a conversation with some random guy on the internet who wanted to go to Taiwan. I knew nothing about it, so i booked flights and accommodation and committed to do no research whatsoever on what Taiwan is or anything until i arrived.

It took me five minutes into the taxi ride (such was my enforced lack of research I had no idea about the MRT) to somehow find total relaxation but also excitement and I felt happy again because I then knew I could survive and cope even somewhere I knew nothing about nor did I even know what language was spoken let alone how to speak it.

The flight home was difficult as was going back to my job, which i’ve since left.

So i got hope out of it :blush:

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I got first experienced in IT, needed to get a job at back home. And I am grateful to work in Germany and have high quality of life. Before I take it for granted. Start to understand different perspective and culture, and I am grateful again our family dynamics are more relax, straightforward

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Just remember :


I was born in Taiwan. Because my dad has an International Logistic Company. I moved with my family to Europe, Central America, SEA, Oceania and USA. We came to Taiwan back and forth. I studied at local public schools mostly. The language aquisition was all messed up. My dad would say things like “No need to study at International School, we will move again anyway.” We didn’t have time to stay in one place for more than 1 or 2 years. I did homeschooling, too. My family relocated to USA when I was 18 and I enrolled in a non- elite College. This was the only time I could stay longer in one place. I found a job in USA after my graduation. I cohabited with an ex-bf for many years. After the separation, I moved to Taiwan to manage a facility until my dad sold the Business. I already had an e-commerce years ago. I could work remotely. I sold my old condo in USA, found a teaching job, bought 2 apartments, rented my apartments and decided not to move again.

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