What did you look like when younger?

Forbes has a funny piece on how some famous blokes looked when they were in high school, etc. What did YOU look like? Might be fun to post and paste.

Ah, The Donald, then and now. A life of evil does horrible things to your face.
Before They Were Rich [Forbes]

forbes.com/2003/09/17/cx_dd_ … rbook.html

My God… Bill Gates, the nerd’s nerd, almost looks cool:

If he were that young age now, he’d be sleeping on a street in Seattle, protesting globalization and the Iraq war…

…and we’d all be using software that actually worked.

<— I loooook like him when I was young, no kidding!

I have a picture from when I was about 3, it is recognizably me. But I have nowhere to post it…

EDIT: Just been generously offered some webspace, guess I have no excuse now if you really want to see it ? Would you also need a current pic so you can see how it compares ?

That one in your avatar?

Yeah, let us see them!

I look like Timmy Osmond :cry:

yes before and after would be cool.