What diploma do you need to teach in Taiwan?

good morning all

I am a french native but I speak english spanish and dutch fluently

I maybe come to live in taiwan with my husband and I am looking for what kind of job I can count on?

even if I can teach a language in an university , what kind of diploma they ask for? it is the same as Europe or to be natiev is enough?


Universities tend to advertise that they require at least a Masters Degree to lecture, but it’s a question of supply and demand. There are a lot of people who teach extra-curricular language classes (conversation) at uni that hold a B.A. French is gaining popularity as of late, so you might have some luck.

Bonne Chance!

A B.A., BSc, BEd is required. However, you would not be able to obtain a work permit unless you are from Canada, USA, Britain, New Zealand, Australia or S. Africa. and a native English speaker.

what do you means by not having a work permit ??

do you have any ways to look for a job in Taiwan
I have actually of Master of Sciences and management recognised in America


Excuse my hasty reply. What I meant was that if you want to teach English, you must have a work permit to do so. In order to get one, you must be a native from one of the following countries:
U.S., Canada, Britain, S. Africa, New Zealand or Australia.

Perhaps you could teach French. If you’re interested, I can make inquiries as to whether or not you could obtain a work permit for this purpose.

You must have a work permit to work at whatever type of job you want to do and I think you have to prove expertise in the specific job area for which you apply. I’m a little unsure of the details regarding obtaining a work permit for jobs outside of teaching English. Perhaps someone else could provide you with more details.

There are several resources for job-searching in Taiwan. Try the following links:


chinapost.com.tw/ Then, look down the lefthand column for “Classifieds”. The link wasn’t working when I tried.

tealit.com (sorry guys but they do have a link to Jobs in Other Professions)…and, of course, our very own Forumosa:


Good luck!