What do British rednecks listen to?


I wonder what music Neds listen. From their fashion gear, I’m guessing Eminem and Oasis must be loads popular with British rednecks.

Everybody all over the world knows what American rednecks listen to - C&W, Lynyrd Skynyrd, that type of thang. We all already know more than enough about the American breed. What’s interesting from an international anthropological perspective is what rednecks from other countries’ musical listening habits. 30 years ago, British rednecks banged their heads to Slade and Gary Glitter’s glam football chants, then punk came and Cockney rednecks listened to loads of really bad football chant Oi!! punk like Sham 69, Skrewdriver, Cockney Rejects. Oasis seem to be the current standard bearer of British football chant rock for drunk, braindead football hooligans.

Taiwanese rednecks, they listen to and actually like that garishly loud, thumping techno-pop blasted at full obnoxious volume from loudspeakers in the street, and sing sappy love ballads in KTVs after a couple of beers and couple dozen chew&spits of binlang. Air Supply and Modern Talking can still sell out stadiums here.

South American rednecks have the bestest tastes in la musica de rock. Da Ramones! Almost forgives their obsession with Queen.

Australian redneck music is redundant because the entire country was founded by rednecks, so all Australian culture is redneck by default.

The ultimate in tongue-in-cheek Chav-dom band (Chavs, Kevs or Bedgers are what they’re called where I’m from) - is the mighty Goldie Lookin Chain.

Check it out, clart!

By the way, I’m sure half the people who listen to this don’t get that it’s supposed to be ironic.


Hehe. The first time I ever heard of them, it was a special radio documentary done by the BBC, where they were interviewing them and going round some place in Wales. I thought “No way, what a bunch of idiots.” Then I found out it was all a piss-take. They’re great!

They listen to Billy Bragg. I’m sure the real rednecks do.

HA HA! Billy’s for lefty college students and old farts my age. Neds and Chavs listen to gangsta rap and pop idol.

Billy Bragg, Paul Weller . . and other infamous bootboy music:


I remember the Chavs in Colchester listened to a lot of that thud,thud type dance music. Most American men, myself included, wouldn’t be caught dead listening to that crap. Dance music died hard in the U.S. sometime around 1979, but it wasn’t so in Britain.

Margret Tatcher and the Sex Pistols :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Yeah, you’re right - the next time you see a Taiwanese boy-racer, check out what’s on his stereo.

I think they just make the one CD and distribute it free to every :wanker: who buys those blue lights that go under your car.

It’s nice to know that ‘being a dick’ is a transnational phenomenon. :slight_smile:


Wayne Newton, Elvis, Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, Marillion, Queen, Yes, ELP, Tiny Tim, Rod Stewart, Billy Idol, Geo Michelle, Brittney Spears, Michelle Jackson, Cyprus Hill, Ali G., The Commitments, a bunch of Irish acts they’d never admit to knowing, Donny and Marie, Jerry Springer…

Well all that and a bunch of cheap pop not already mentioned (well part of all) the traveling B.rednecks ever show me.

I’ll be in the UK (near Sunny Slough -cough- and about country from there) for a few weeks from the 27th. I’ll be sure to ask… :astonished: … yeah, like I ned another broken rib. I’ll listen any way.


Status Quo, Madness, Oasis (feckin wankers!)

hold the flocking ponies pocahontas! I must be British Redneck.



Well, I won’t just talk about what the “rednecks” were listening to where I was working last year, I’ll serve up some links for you all.

  1. The Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio one. A lot of sarcastic matey blather and insipid banter. Sort of a “Howard Stern lite” for the other side of the pond.

  2. SGR Colchester. Try it, mate. It’s everything that a Chav loves, and more.

goldie lookin chain (GLC), that’s what their listening to. Good stuff. Their new album Safe As F*ck has got some good tracks.