What do Chinese people wear?


I"m new to this forum and was wondering if you can help me with a problem…

I’m a second year university student majoring in Economics and Financial Management Co-op Program. In a couple of weeks I’ll be doing some interviews for job placements, mostly investment banking and a couple of marketing positions.

I’m a Chinese born Canadian and I have a typically small frame chinese body, 5’6 in height and 29’ waist, 120lbs. So what suit brands do taiwanese businessmen wear?

The suits I’ve tried seem to be wearing me… Any suggestions on brands, colours, buttons, styles…?

a lot of the chinese businessmen i know have their suit’s tailored.

If you’re living in Asia I’d recommend getting a tailor-made suit. The price is very reasonable and the fit is a lot better than off-the-rack. You’ll never buy off the rack again. The tailor will have many fabrics to choose from, but pick a very simple dark blue fabric. The style should be conservative and single-breasted, with nothing fancy like wide lapels or four buttons. I guess I’m getting old because I always used to wear suits with two buttons, but three seems to be standard now.

While you’re at the tailor, have a couple of shirts made too. I would suggest a white shirt for your interview–it is more serious than blue. Of course a red tie looks great with blue suit/white shirt, but other colors will do. I like to buy my ties in a department store, as I’ve found that most tailors stock just cheap, shiny, gaudy ties.

I highly recommend my tailor, located on the South side of Minsheng E Rd, a few blocks to the East of the intersection of Minsheng and Tunhua, but there are many who can do a decent job. If you’re not in Asia go to a big store with lots of suits, like Macys for instance, where you can try on several different brands till you find one you like.

Good luck on your interviews.

Lee’s tailor behind the Lai-Lai sheraton is also ok. A bit of a salesman, though. A typical asian frame will find it much easier to find fitting suits here - so an off the rack thing will perhaps suit you fine - and be very cheap too. A big caucasian like me has troubles finding anything with long enough arms.