What do I need for a "Webex"?

I will participate in something called a “webex” next week. Two questions:

  1. What exactly is a “webex”? Is that a videoconference over the Internet? A teleconference over Skype? Either one?

  2. What equipment/software do I need for this? I was sent a link that I log into at the appropriate time. Do I need a camera and headphones? If so, which products do you recommend? I need good ones. I bought one webcam a year ago and it immediately broke into pieces when I plugged it in, and my Logitech headphones have never worked on my computer (I run Vista).

Thank you,

Tomas the Technology Idiot

All Webex conferences I’ve attended have only been to see the desktop/screen of another party.

The audio was done over the telephone via conference call.

I would say you only need a web browser to access the link, but I could be wrong. You might want to ask the meeting host if there is a phone number.

That makes sense. The link I went to asked me to test whether I have Flash, etc., and there was a phone number I’m to dial.

So this isn’t likely a thing that requires a camera and a set of headphones? If there are any techies out there, can you recommend good ones for me anyway? Price isn’t a problem. I need quality and easy to use.