What do Taiwanese employees most want?

I read recently in an article written by numerous human resources professionals at top Taiwanese companies that there are three things that most employees in Taiwan are looking for, number 1 is a company and a job close to their home, number 2 higher salary, and number 3 light workload. First of all I wanted to get a response to this notion. Another question I had is what types of training and development programs you think would go over here in Taiwan. and finally, how important is business English to employees of Taiwanese companies? How much business do they do globally and how often do they actually use English during an average business day? I have listed some ideas below about what I think might benefit Taiwanese employees and I wanted to get some feedback on how to improve the programs. The article I mentioned above also stated that human resources professionals wish that employees could be more innovative and creative in Taiwan and improve their leadership abilities. Therefore I am working on developing programs that will help in those areas. we have also included managing across borders, multicultural management, time management, multi-generational management, and mindset for success. Please feel free to give any suggestions, comments, and input on what you think Taiwanese employees are looking for and what types of learning and development programmes would be most beneficial to them. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

David Hall

About this Intensive Program
The business landscape has transformed in recent years and it has become extremely challenging for organizations to maintain their competitive advantage. However, this creates opportunities for those organizations that have cultivated a growth-mindset, adapted effectively to change, as well as offered continuous training and development to their employees. The 21st century employees must have the soft skills and leadership capabilities to handle every business situation with ease and creativity.

This is an Intensive, not a University Course
Organizations do not have time or resources to enroll their employees into Universities to learn about the new strategies in business. Therefore, the Coaches of this Intensive have brought their wealth of knowledge from Management, Leadership, and Marketing especially within the IT industry. Through their knowledge and experience they deliver this intensive with content and strategies that the 21st century employee can put to use immediately to benefit the organization.

The Business English Advantage
Communication is one of the keys to success, and organizations that have not empowered their employees with the necessary language skills will lose tremendous opportunities. The Coaches are aware of the language barriers in Asia, and developed this program with an emphasis on Business English in Taiwan. The Coaches offer a friendly, fun, and informative session while focusing on the Business English communication.

How it Works
Each intensive session runs for two hours, which includes a powerful interactive presentation on the subject by the Coach. Employees will have an opportunity to challenge their critical thinking skills during group discussions and while assessing a case study on the subject. At the end of each intensive, each group will be required to deliver a brief 5-6 minute presentation which will allow them to demonstrate their understanding of the subject as well as practice their presentation skills. A short reading assignment may be given and discussed during the following session. At the end of this 10 session intensive, the employees will be required to deliver a group presentation that allows them to demonstrate all the knowledge and skills gained. A completion certificate will be provided to each employee.