What do Taiwanese women really think of my beer belly?

Okay, look…

The lower half of my body really looks like, ehrm, half of my body weight. Yes, I’m working on it, but…

(sigh) I know that foreign men are an exotic rarity here. I know that Taiwanese women get bonus points from their friends for having a foreign boyfriend. I know that they like white skin. Yet…

I made the mistake of buying a GQ magazine just to see what is perceived as fahionable in Taiwan(yes, I’ll buy attractiveness at the store if I have to, so what?) and all of the models in there, even the asian models, are rail-thin. They look like they’d break in a typhoon wind. All of the male models in ads on te MRT look like sticks, too. We all know how much Taiwanese people hate fat.

I see western guys with bellies larger than mine walking around with svelte TW women. What gives? Do the women here really like fat? The way fat looks? The way fat feels? Or are they just putting up with it beacause they just want a westertn man (and his passport) that bad?

I just wanna be accepted, dammit!

I’ve just come from a conference where the middle aged business men not only had big bellies but actively seemed to be pushing them out further with sway backs to promote the buddha like appearance.

I admire the way some Chinese women walk. Very upright and proud.

Even yesterday I was trying to explain to a Chinese friend that a big bank balance (same everywhere for this) should be combined with a thinner body to show you are in control. Fat equals a lack of control over your life in western culture (imo)

But here, you’re in like Flynn. Go for it. Eat and indulge in all there is to offer.

Why does everyone assume the passport and and the money are that attractive? I mean crikey - every 3rd person has a US green card or some foreign passport (ok, so I’m exagerating… every 6 people). Also, whitey is quite common these days (at least in TPE) - so I don’t know it’s that. I think it more that these women wanted something other than what society told them was ahead of them.

I got a belly too and am working on getting rid of it as well (so that I can keep sailing low literage windsurfers - if I get too fat I’ll have to buy bigger ones)

I never heard any person here express a preferance for a belly, except for maybe my wife (coincidence?) who likes “manly” men (her words and my read is hairy & chubby). My guess is that they are few and far between.

Yes, most of these women are putting up with it because they want a western man, whether it be because of his pocketbook, passport, or both. Not ALL…but yes, most, I would say.

Most Taiwanese make fun of fat, hairiness, etc. and seem to be mortified by it…so why else would they be “attracted” to a hairy westerner with some meat on his bones?

Just being honest here. :wink:

I am an equal opportunity dater, I don’t discriminate…

Bring it on!! :smiley:

Even if that were the truth in Taipei, the rest of the country sure isn’t like that. And yes, the passport is certainly a lure with the threat of China.

Why do so many men have trouble accepting this? This is Asia, the concept of “falling in love” with a man has a lot to do with his prospects. They are “practical” people here. Let’s not be disillusioned.

I just tell them “It’s not a beer belly, it’s a gas tank for my love muscle.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the Taiwanese women (and men) here are mystified by how some westerners can get/let themselves get so fat. The majority, and I think that this is probably true in the west too, don’t think that being overweight is attractive.

In addition, overweight in Taiwan is measured differently to overweight in the west. Some of this has a medical grounding (Asian healthy body weigh is lower than westerners), but mostly it’s a weird aesthetic. So if in the west you’re considered ok, but would ideally loose a couple of kg (like me) you’re probably considered fat here (I am).

Certainly among young people (uni students that I come in contact with), really thin is what’s good looking. Girls get it worse IMHO, as you’ve got to be less than 45-50kg to be considered attractive (I’m short, even for Taiwan, and this is right down the bottom of my healthy weight range). I’ve heard girls asking for half of a half of a bowl of rice in restaurants, and been told that this is to stop them being fat! If you’re a guy, you can probably get away with muscle bulk, but even this seems equated with fat sometimes.

Of course, this is not universal. For example, I think that there are a few in the older generation who still think that being bigger than thin is ok, perhaps linked to prosperity. Sometimes the old women down the road squeeze my arm and tell me approvingly ‘very good’. They then make some comment about how I’ll be good at having children :frowning: . There certainly have been times in the glorious 5000 years of Chinese history when fat was in. Very occasionally I get told that I’m a ‘Tang dai mei nu’ - attractive in the Tang dynasty. Apparently things were better for bigger people back then.

Sorry. I don’t think that this is that different from the west, just more pronounced. I’ve been pretty big at times, and finding someone who wanted to make out with me was not easy, both here and in Australia.

You have to sit yourself down,
open a big green bottle of Taiwan beer,
maybe watch a sporting event
and ask yourself why in the hell you would want to look like a male model from Taiwan!!!

You want to be the most popular in the prison’s shower? Maybe get a sympathy fuck from a Taiwanese gal who thinks you’re adorable and would look nice next to her hampster. Stop watching TV, hit the heavy bag and go ride something with two wheels.

Always thought we needed a Bubba 2 Guns hosted show,
“Straight Eye for the Almost Queer Guy”

Last night a gal commented on me and my two foreign friends that we had big butts, I replied,
“WEll you need a big hammer when you got a big nail,”

She didn’t understand right off the bat so I translated into Chinese adding

“and when you get yourself some tits and an ass we’ll go shopping and I’ll teach you how to Latin dance, butter-lips.”

I’m amazed how Taiwanese women will let themselves get bald, I mean their hair thins in back and they actually get bald patches. They allow themselves to get this way— :s got nothing to do with family history, genetics or racial tendencies. :fume:
I try to make comments about this when I see it…especially to random strangers I meet. :unamused:

I also added that one of my friends was a doctor and the other a lawyer, (no joke) they just look like pudgy surf bum geeks.

The girls think you’re a fat, slob, loser because you have to ask yourself why you don’t look like a fancy-faced weasel ina cell phone adverstisement whose balls haven’t dropped. I’m sure you are not that overweight. You need to work out more like the rest of us, but why let it bother you?

Take 914 for example----I’m about half the weight of one of his healthy bowel movements, yet he scores with the ladies because he’s a gentleman, sincere, got a nice smile and isn’t shy about his weight.

Just shrug it off like my half-Samoan friend and enjoy life.

Personally I think having a bit of a beer gut is a good thing as it automatically weeds out a good proportion of the superficial ones.

They like to rub mine for good luck.

Does it work?

It can lead them to extremely Good Luck!

Friday’s quote of the day. :roflmao: :roflmao:

Wait a minute!.. So if I’m not a couch potato, do some sports or work out a bit, try to eat healthy most of the time, don’t drink excessive amounts of beer, etc. (the combination of which will keep me reasonable shape), AND I like my GUY to be in shape, TOO, that makes me superficial?! W T bleep?!?!

I still don’t understand how you achieve lift off with all the blubber in the way.

If both partners had big guts it would be like you had two basketballs inbetween you and trying to get together.

This must be why God supplemented the missionary postion with the shag like dogs option. (just guessing)

Wait a minute!.. So if I’m not a couch potato, do some sports or work out a bit, try to eat healthy most of the time, don’t drink excessive amounts of beer, etc. (the combination of which will keep me reasonable shape), AND I like my GUY to be in shape, TOO, that makes me superficial?! W T bleep?!?![/quote]

Not at all! But many guys here are very fit but still have a beer gut. Its not superficial too try and keep in reasonable shape, but for girls to turn down a guy just because he has a bit of a gut I think is superficial no?

One in particular liked my belly so much that she decided I was worthy of marrying her. :wink:

Friday’s quote of the day. :roflmao: :roflmao:[/quote]

Whoa guys. Wait a minute! I’m a women and women talk to each other about these things. I have never met a woman who cares if a guy has saggy balls or not. Balls are something only guys obsess about. Beer bellies on the other hand…
Some aspects of appearance, like height, baldness, heck even penis size are uncontrollable. A beer belly, however, is something that a person has 100% control over. It’s not only unattractive, it’s unhealthy. If you don’t like it, get rid of it.

If you were a woman, which one of these guys would you prefer?

The guy on the left wouldn’t cheat on you. :slight_smile: