What do you believe?


Huge population in southern Alberta, north of the Montana border.

Mounting legislation and prosecution of polygamists within the United States LDS population led to additional expansion. In 1884, LDS President John Taylor …instructed Charles Ora Card of Logan, Utah to investigate, and if possible, establish similar communities of refuge in Canada. Card led a small group of explorers into Alberta in 1886 and selected a settlement site. In 1887 enough settlers arrived from northern Utah to establish the community of Cardston.[5] By 1895, many additional LDS based communities had been established in nearby areas in the province, partially because of a labour contract with the Alberta Irrigation Company.

Welcome to the Jell-O Belt.

And yeah, I got relatives in there…


He don’t take my calls


I’m an atheist Jew, married to a devout Taoist, and I teach at a Catholic university. I’ve been explaining to people my whole life why I don’t believe this or that.

I do find it awkward when someone asks me out of the blue “are you a Christian” because then I’m being put in a box where I can lie and say “yes” in order to move on with the conversation. Or I can be honest and say “no” and it introduces an awkward tension and invites a bunch of unwanted questions.


Mary is not the God. She’s the mother of God.
U worship God, but God knows we all need a mother at some point in our lives.

Besides, if you have reverence for your mom, why won’t u have reverence for the mother of all mothers?

I’m trying to clarify things up through the Roman Catholic perspective. That’s why in Roman Catholicism, there is also no forbidding of local Taiwanese to gotomb sweeping or honor their ancestors. It doesn’t conflict with Christianity.


Ah, the dreaded “Ah yoo Kweez Chan??”


Yeah, right. Because God needs a mother despite being omnipotent and omnipresent. :wall:


Last time i checked, she was the mother of Jesus, who is the son of god.
She is revered as a saint with somewhat special status in the Roman catholic church, but not as a god.


That would make her Mrs God.


You’re forgetting the Mystery of the Holy Trinity.
Father, son, and holy spirit, Three in One

Which really twists the whole deal around :eek:


It’s more like three as one, Not three in one.


yup, and Jesus is God.

maybe next time in your prayer, you can ask for humility and wisdom to help you get to know God.

in Buddhism, Gautama Buddha is already the Buddha, but still, he’s got mum and dad.


I just pray that the child rape stops and all those old priests get rounded up and incarcerated. That’s all I want for Christmas. A benevolent God would have put a stop to that years ago.


why Jesus was not a daughter of the god? Did it reflect the social structure at that time?


Hell if I know, ace.
I ain’t no Kweez Chan.


It was due to the World Rib shortage in those dark days.


That may be a difficult task :thinking:
I guess it just remains a Circular discussion. God is everywhere, all knowing, benevolent and has a “Plan” on the one hand, so ergo: all the atrocities were avoidable, if God wished it so .
The caveat being God wants us to 'Learn" the hard way.
It would seem an awful lot easier to just fix everything instantly and eradicate Hell and all bad things and give us understanding.
But wait, then there would be no need for Churches/different Religions/priests/clergy of any type/even the fear of death itself. everyones a winner …oh except the Churches et al.


He is the son of god. God is god. Jesus is Jesus. They just Form a Trinity of three beings together with the holy spirit.


all those old priests? how far does your accusation go?

I don’t think you’re asking for a benevolent God.
You’re asking for a judgement, and God is not just about judgement.

because we’re not content living in paradise. just look at Adam and Eve.
and we won’t accept God into our lives and get rid of our problems. we already crucified him the last time he came.

it’s easy to be cynical in a world gone wrong, and maybe rightfully so.
I recommend the wisdom literature in the Bible to help shed light into so many unanswered despair and frustrations.

huh? maybe in some other sects. but not in Roman Catholicism.


It’s nowhere near that simple.

The Bible clearly speaks of: God the Son, God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit. But emphasizes that there is only ONE God.


And now ‘God’ sent Trump! To force people to see the evil!