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My bad, i was thinking of the wording in the novum testamentum graece (Nestle/Aland).If you Go by the unified translation by the Catholic Bible Society, it’s correct. I just looked it up.

Another Problem:
The ambiguity of some words in ancient greek and especially ancient hebrew (I’m looking at you, ancient priests, who didn’t bother to write down the nikudim) make it virtually Impossible to have one correct translation.


ETA: Pretty sure nikud is uncountable, obviating the need for the im suffix
Just sayin


I see. I didn’t knew that. At University we always used the plural. Did you also study theology?


No, your grammar was sound, it’s just kind of an arcane exception. I only know about it because so many modern practitioners eschew its use entirely.

Dude, I don’t even have opposable thumbs, come on.


Yet you are communicating with us on the internet.


He pays some lackey to type for him.


Yeah, “communicating” would be stretching it


Is that autocorrect (countenance?).

Anyone who practices polygamy is excommunicated from the mainstream Mormon church, including those in African countries where it’s legal.


I believe that we all lose sight of the good things we have. Even in hard times, we have it good. Trump/Climate/Jobs all seem to be less important when we see some of the heartbreak out there. RIP little man.