What do you call your better half?


This is an interesting one…. I guess if I analyze it all, I’d lean toward “partner”. Maybe 5+ years in a relationship is long enough to toss “boyfriend” out the window!?

(no, silly, i’m not referring to domestic violence.)

He calls me Red Neck and I call him Dip Shit. Sometimes. Mostley, “Honey,” or “Babe.”



This is an interesting one…. I guess if I analyze it all, I’d lean toward “partner”. Maybe 5+ years in a relationship is long enough to toss “boyfriend” out the window!?[/quote]

Between ourselves, I call generally call him “hon” & he calls me “babe.” However, we do sometimes switch and/or throw in the occasional “dear” & “bitch.” :astonished: :wink:

To others, usually it is boyfriend. Though I realize that that can sound a bit childish from a grown man, as the article said, it is becoming more acceptable for adults to use it. Especially as less people are getting married these days, but are still wanting long-term relationships. Maybe we need to change it to malefriend & femalefriend. :laughing:

Sometimes, I call him my partner. However, I again agree with the article that that can sometimes sound a bit corporate/business-like. But, it is far better than significant other or other choices. I don’t like life/permanent partner, except for as clarification, 'cause it just seems too cumbersome to me.

I could accept husband or spouse. But, I’m not sure we are at that point yet… same-sex marriage issues not withstanding. I guess the question is, without a ceremony of some sort (legal or not), when exactly in a commited relationship do you switch from “partners” to “spouses”?


Lao po.



an na ta

QM: To me, spouse comes after you get married.

Actually, I don’t have trouble addressing my better half–you know hon etc. It’s when I’m introducing him that it is weird. This is my ____________. When introducing to my parents: This is my honeybun/pumpkinpie… (??!)

Beautiful one


I’m sorry, uh, what was your name again?

Fuck Face

I used to call my better half by 1) Her name or 2) Honey or 3) Baby.

But ever since our boy was born 11 years ago, I mostly call my better half “Ma”.

Scooter, so, if you don’t get married, unioned or have some sort of commitment ceremony you can’t use husband/wife/spouse?

Also, I understand that it is difficult to know how to introduce him to other people. If I don’t care that people know he and I are dating, I usually use boyfriend. However, sometimes the other person will use the term partner and/or boyfriend just seems inappropriate for the situation, so I switch to partner.

If I’m a bit concerned about the reaction of the other people and/or I don’t want them to know we have an intimate relationship for some reason, I usually just refer to him as my friend/roommate. He is both of those things (though also more), so I’m not lying. Just not telling the whole truth. :smiley:

Flicka: That’s an attractive, and nice sounding name. I must try it. I usually stick with pyooobs. (?!)_

QM: I’d have to say I’m pretty much there too… I’ve called him boyfriend (rarely partner), friend, and often (unfortunately) roommate.

1.Her first initial
2.Her (English) name
3.When I’m around her family I call her and refer to her by her Chinese nickname.

I call her cheese, she calls me slurp.

Partner/boyfriend/my man in different situations

I agree with whoever said boyfriend was a bit silly in a formal situation, like in a job interview, when I will use partner (well, I will from now on, after hearing myself say “boyfriend” last week to another grown man in a business environment! :blush: ), but boyfriend/my man is good for friends and family and other people you meet in a social situation.

I don’t agree that partner has any business-like connations at all when used in the context of who you live and love with - and I think it suggests more commitment than boyfriend, as Scooter said - after more than a few years, boyfriend just doesn’t begin to sum up everything that you’ve got going on.

And “lovers/shags” are what one has on the side… :sunglasses:

I call the wife “hen.”

Here are definitions from 3 different dictionaries:

Random House Websters: 1. one who is associated with another, esp. in a business. 2. either of two people who dance together, play tennis together, etc…

Oxford Advanced Learner’s: 1. person who takes part in an activity with another or others, esp. one of serveral owners of a business. 2. either of two people dancing together or playing tennis, cards, etc. on the same side. 3. either of two people who are married to one another or having a sexual relationship with one another.

Dictionary.Com 1. A member of a business partnership. 2. A spouse or domestic partner. 3. Either of two persons dancing together.

I think it is only the last decade or so where partner has been used in reference to an intimate relationship. I don’t remember hearing, until the last few years, that many people refering to their “partners” and meaning a boyfriend/girfriend/spouse/lover. Perhaps for you, street dog, and others partner does not hold a business or non-intimate connotation. But, I think for many, as these definitions show, it still can.

Over the last year or so, I’ve become more comfortable with the use of partner. And, as you say, it just seems more appropriate (ie., less childish/silly) to use it the older I get, the longer we are togther and, definitely, in in some situations. Though, I find in general, if I say I came to Taiwan because of my partner, most people here just assume it is a girl. So, inevitably, I have to say, “boyfriend” anyway. :idunno:

This one gets my vote for “Cuddly Name of the Year”.

Flicka, you’re so fresh. :laughing:

Are you from Edinburgh?