What do you consider to be the best Indian food restaurant in Taipei?

I went to Taj last week with four friends and none of us thought it was anything to write home about. I in fact thought it was quite mediocre tbh.

Not sure how they made that list, but I am always suspicious of these things anyway

Which Indian (or Pakistani) places have you enjoyed?


See the top of this post for my favorite places around Taipei

Mayur Indian Kitchen on the Sanzhi beach is my favourite one as I have eaten here a couple of times with my friends and their families. This is the best near to Tamsui area. You can enjoy the cuisine next to the beach and the vibes are awesome.


That looks great!

I’ve been meaning to get there for a while, but every time I’m in the area I’m on a bicycle, and filling a stomach with Indian food (or any restaurant food - nothing against Indian!) wouldn’t be the best for riding. Maybe when things cool off a little.

More info:

  • Their Facebook page.
  • A listing on TripAdvisor.
  • Mayur Indian Kitchen’s web page.
  • Address: 新北市三芝區北勢子12-8號 / No. 12-8, Beishizi, New Taipei City
  • Hours: every day, 11am-11pm.
  • Phone: (+886) 02-26368851
  • Food menu link (on Google Drive).
  • Drink menu link.

Saffron— the original one. Nothing else comes close from my perspective.


I prefer the Saffron near 101.

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Overpriced and not authentic Indian food. It’s an interesting attempt at upscale fusion with a nice view, I guess, but if we are talking just good Indian food, the regular Saffron is where it’s at.

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To be fair I’ve only been to the original once, so perhaps I experienced a bad day in the kitchen. I’d give it another try, but it’s an expensive risk.

Also, there’s no way Saffron is “authentic Indian food”. That’s ridiculous.

Anyone been to Taipei City’s Joseph Bistro lately?

No one would mistake the results of Joseph’s vivid culinary imagination as “authentic,” but this Goan chef, when on his game, is incredible.


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India is a big place, so I suppose “authentic” is difficult to quantify. I lived there in the past, but that doesn’t really mean much.

It’s difficult. The best Indian cuisine I’ve had was in England. Second best was in Kerala. I dunno

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Taipei authentic Indian is great and not with the typical stomach issues like in India.

I’ve not once had stomach issues from food in India. I might be atypical

I’d kill for a decent dosa right now.



Never been my cup of tea. Always seemed a bit stodgy and bland.

Always went for the Kofta kebab myself, easy to make and the rest of the ingredients are at Costco.

Saffron is excellent food, I enjoy a good vindaloo and so far if I recall correctly the Taj did that best (the one in Shr Da rd?) but last time I went to Safron they had a price hike and bang for buck unless I am charging as an expense, I don’t think so.

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Taj was, for many years, an undistinguished joint in one of the alleys just south of Zhongxiao East Road. For a while now, they’ve been up near the Breeze Shopping Center just off of Civic Boulevard, where they have upped their game, even receiving Bib Gourmand recognition from Michelin! As far as I know, they’ve never been in the university district.



Maybe someone else can help with the name then, there are two Indians near Shr Da rd, the one I am talking about was pretty big and seating was cheap ass tabling.

When I went in I was the only one there and asked for a vindaloo and not the kind you serve to Taiwanese, the kind they would make themselves, it was awesome. Saffron’s vindaloo is pretty excellent also. So much so, it’s not for everyone.

Are you thinking of Out of India?

I haven’t been there for many many years, so I cannot vouch for the excellence of their vindaloos!