What do you do to zone out?

I used to have a problem with trying to be productive all the time, but, like many others, I eventually realized this leads to mediocrity and getting stuck in a rut.

What do you do to zone out; during those pockets of time between work and other endeavors, during which there is no point in applying your mind toward anything productive, challenging, or difficult?

Some people watch TV, but I can only do so much of that before I become very bored (I didn’t watch much TV growing up, so I don’t have that habit). Books, video games, exercise, long walks, browse bookstores; those are some of mine.

A short midday nap works wonders for me.

Intense exercise right after work (where my pulse reaches at least 160 bpm, sustained for a minimum of 30 minutes) is like the RESET button of god, in my experience.

If that fails, 8oz of fine wine usually does the trick.

If all of the above leaves me still cranking scenarios past 8:30pm, then in my experience great weed is the final arbiter, a guarantee of solid, blissful sleep.


I used to take long walks. My goal was always to get completely lost in thought. But you can’t do that in Taiwan or you will step into a hole or bang your head on a low hanging sign. My forehead was all scarred up after my first few months here.
Now sometimes I’ll play minesweeper or solitaire while listening to music or some kind of video.

I juggle. It allows me to completely forget whatever I’m thinking about and devote my entire attention to a simple task for a few minutes.

I play with my cat. It leaves my hands scratched and bleeding (I adopted a wild formosan leopard hybrid. Smaller than a house cat but way meaner), but it takes my mind off everything else. :slight_smile:

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cook. 30 minutes of relaxation & food @ the end. can’t be beat.

I used to be able to play guitar for hours without really noticing it. Now I am lucky to go ten minutes.
I really need more zone out activities. My bunny won’t play with me. We just stare at each other.

Sadly, all relationships end up this way. There comes a day when you’ve said everything there is to say to each other.

What do I do to zone out? I’m doing it now.

Play the encyclopedia/dictionary game original version. Don’t let them fool you, Wikiracing is not even close to the original.

Whatever time you had just mysteriously disappeared and if you were able to comprehend all when you played, you didn’t play it correctly. But regardless you will be at least zoned out for a start before you are zoned in.

Walk the dog or play nethack lately.

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I know exactly what you mean. No matter what’s going on in my life, going for a run always clear my head and puts me in a positive frame of mind.

I like to sleep.

My husband flies a lot so he likes to open up his laptop and watch Air Crash Investigations as he flies from one country to another. He also rarely gets to watch any TV whereas I download anything I want to watch if its not on our satellites at home. But for my hsband to really zone out he plays chess.

It’s a pity that Apple TV’s box no longer works as that had a good selection of movies to watch all the time.

Punching bag… or playing/listening to some music… something that helps you take out the creativity or the anger out of you

I teach English. I even get paid for it!

Oh, I come here to zone out. And then, I find myself in the taiwanlight zone …

My favorite thing to do is long bike rides out in the country side. My husband and I ride a tandem bike on weekends, usually 40 miles rides. I am the stoker, I just peddle and watch the beautiful sky, Texas ranches and animals. My mind wanders. Sometime, I think about what life would be like if I move back to Taiwan and should I take the risk.