What do you drink? How much do you drink?

I don’t drink much now that I’ve become a family man.
When I do drink it’s usually Taiwan ‘gold medal’ beer, or Corona from the 7-Eleven nearby. I also very occasionally have some black label or some plum wine which my wife makes and gives away to neighbours and friends.

Five years ago I used to drink two or three small bottles of beer a night (remember when ice beers were all the rage?), and would then have some gin or vodka with OJ.
Then one day I looked at a month’s worth of empty bottles collected in the kitchen and I thought “Wooooah - that’s a lotta glass” and saved drinking for weekend evenings. When I reached my late 20s I really didn’t have the urge to drink anymore. I still like alcohol but these days I am quite happy to get by on a few beers a month. How times have changed!

So what do you guys and gals usually drink, and how much do you get through in any given week?

water, sars, coffee and iced-tea :wink:

I like a stiff G&T (Bombay Sapphire gin) on the hot afternoons, and a scotch rocks in the evenings. I usually drink beer with food, especially pizza. I don’t drink everyday, unless I’m visiting family in Canada. Then it’s wine with every dinner, and often drinks before and after…

I got Kirin Bar beer for 139NT a six pack at the RT Mart. I bought 3 sixes and I plan to drink them all.

I love a good Manhattan. :smiley: Carnegie’s and Q Bar make pretty good ones.

There is nothing like Bourbon to warm the belly when it is cold in the Winter.

Beer is great with food, especially in the hot Taiwan Summers.

The Taiwan beer is pretty good, given the weather. Although I prefer Tiger beer the most. I wish the TTL Monopoly would ease their stranglehold on the market so that some Microbrews would be allowed on the market. Hell, my old man showed me how to make beer. Not generic beer, but beer that I liked to drink. Man I wish I could homebrew here.

I thought that whole monopoly thing was scrapped now. {?)

As for homebrew, I’ve seriously thought about getting some winemaking kits over from the UK. The stuff they sell at vineyards in Houli tastes just like my mum’s homebrewed wine.

By the way, I believe it’s legal to homebrew in Taiwan; u just can’t sell it. Actually, I bought some strawberry wine from an agricultural fair but it was labeled ‘strawberry juice’. That stuff was sweet like u wouldn’t believe - more like a liqueur. Bought three bottles. Yum.


I cordially invite you to join me at a time convenient to us both this coming winter for a drink or two of the following:

This is my normal drinking schedule:

Wednesday nights at Mama Mia’s: Two for one Long Island Iced Teas. (my self imposed max is 4) the best served drink on the island. This is my a’sittin and a’thinkin time. Very rare is the person who is invited to drink with me at that time.

Friday nights (kids are at the grandparents house and the Mrs. is out with the ladies): Screwdrivers. Anywhere from one glass to one bottle. Anybody is welcome to come over.

Gaming night: 8-10 beers and two pints of Jim Beam. Only hard core gamers are allowed.

I cordially invite you to join me at a time convenient to us both this coming winter for a drink or two of the following:


You’re on. I’m sure it’ll be two (maybe more). :smiley:

I’m not much of a drinker. I just like to down a can or bottle of beer with my dinner, and savour a glass or two of wine on special occasions. Although I’ve quite a weak head for the booze, I haven’t got sloshed in years.

(If you read this, Almas, I hope you won’t be too shocked by such a revelation, and that it won’t reduce me too low in your estimation.)

Two beers with dinner, three or four nights a week.

A glass of bourbon or single-malt scotch with a cigar when listening to live jazz.

If I’m out with a group of people, more beers, accompanied by vodka limes or whiskey cokes.

When in Mexico, tequila and Dos Equis, or Negra Modelo.

I don’t like to get drunk.

I prefer light beer, but it is hard to find good light beer in Taiwan.

:saywhat: :astonished: :saywhat:

I cordially invite you to join me at a time convenient to us both this coming winter for a drink or two of the following:


You’re on. I’m sure it’ll be two (maybe more). :smiley:[/quote]

I like the Knob Creek myself.

Tigerman, how would you compare Rebel Yell to Bookers? I bought my brother a bottle of Bookers on the way to Canada and we’ve enjoyed it immensely. On the way back to Taiwan I’m going to pick up some more bourbon. I want to try something new or maybe just stick with the Bookers. Damn tasty. Love that sour corn mash flavor.

I don’t drink.

Be careful, I believe that there is rule against intentionally posting falsehoods in the Forumosa Code of Ethics. Unless, of course, this is a new oath based on a recent night of over consumption. :wink:

It was a day.

Hardly drink, after some bad experiences when I was, uh, younger. 3, maybe 4 long drinks on a weekend when I go out is usually enough. Don’t mind a glass of wine over dinner but then I know nothing about it.