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How do you grade ALLOWTAIWAN.COM? Please comment below

  • A – I’m a regular
  • B – Pretty good, I visit every now and then
  • C – Nothing special
  • D – Never heard of it, or ain’t going back
  • No, thanks

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Not a web forum, but a web site about Taiwan: allotaiwan.com/

Comments please

I voted for “Never heard of it, or ain’t going back,” but I’m not sure why they’re grouped together. To me, “ain’t going back” implies that I’ve been there and it sucks, whereas “Never heard of it” implies, well, that I’ve never heard of it so I don’t have an opinion of it one way or the other.

Its a bull shit site with services pasted together from various subject providers. i.e moreover news. Very little to do with Taiwan at the end of the day.

Sites like these are cluttering up the web with cookie cutter news and information. Don’t waste your time.

Chou Do Fu

Yeah it’s just crap that somebody hopes will pop up in google when someone wants to find some real info in Taiwan. The page is merely an excuse for hosting a banner ad.