What do you put in your smoothie in Taiwan?


that would be great. and if you have any Frozen Berry connections that would be awesome.


I also like the frozen mixed berries from costco. The local morning markets are a great source of fruits and veggies although I haven’t seen kale. Avocado is really good in a smoothie and when it is mango season, I like to peel some for the freezer.


Made my first basic low-carb/low sugar smoothie today. Taste much better than I expected. Drank half, save half in fridge for tomorrow.

Blend 3 minutes

  • Kale (fill blender half full with frozen from the night before to ease blending) bought from Breeze
  • Water (same level as kale in blender) filtered

Add and blend one minute

  • Lemon juice (teaspoon)
  • Blueberries (handfull)
  • Coconut oil (tablespoon)




Avocado and cocoa powder




Frozen pineapple chunks, coconut milk, rum. (kale optional)


Sounds really good right now.




avocados don’t belong in smoothies i’m sorry.


I prefer eating fruit and enjoying the texture, so I don’t often liquefy them. But when I do make a smoothie (usually with fruit that is overripe and no longer fun to eat), I like to use papaya, a banana, some milk, and a big spoonful of flax seed.


I use my smoothie as a recovery meal after my morning workouts, so lots of protein (protein powder and black beans). There’s a good balance of fruit (bananas, frozen blueberries - Costco, sometimes pomegranate seeds or mango) and veggies (kale, avocados) plus flax seed meal and chia seeds. Also add greek yogurt and soy milk. The sweet fruit masks the bitter taste of the kale, which, like bitter melon, I normally can’t stand. Very satisfying, and lost some weight.